93-year old Evelyn Schwartz says, “I do not consent.” while Cuyahoga County Adult Protective Services tries to take her freedom

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93-year old Evelyn Schwartz says, “I do not consent.” while Cuyahoga County Adult Protective Services tries to take her freedom and her home
Evelyn is fighting for her liberty against Adult Protective Services (APS). She did not ask for this unwarranted intrusion into her life. In fact she refused them. 
Her physician of 29-years confirms that Evelyn, despite her age, is competent and does not need a guardian or protective care.   APS is determined, in the face of no supporting evidence of their claims, to move forward to take control over Evelyn’s person and estate. If APS is successful Evelyn will be taken out of the comfort and security of her home that costs her practically nothing to be placed forcefully in an adult care facility consisting of one small room that will cost between $3000 and $7,000 monthly and give the guardian a plausible excuse to ravage her life savings and sell her home to pay for. This is what Evelyn does not consent to.
For the past 15-years, Evelyn has had a live-in caregiver who she has been pleased with for nearly 15 years.   Evelyn will be the first to tell you that she enjoys excellent care and Dean’s home cooking all these years which has contributed to her good health that is confirmed by her physician.   Years ago, Evelyn put into place a Living Will with an Executrix and Power of Attorney to administer her remaining affairs upon her death. Several friends who care about her and for her surround Evelyn. Evidenced by this notice.
Problems with APS began almost one-year ago when Evelyn’s care-giver suffered a heart attack.   Between a couple of Mayfield police officers, a social worker and a governmental system Evelyn found herself caught up “in the system” with a myriad of APS staffers intruding into her life and going so far as to have her made a ward of the court in a hearing fraught with lies, misstatements and innuendos.   Evelyn has terminated this attorney who was not protecting Evelyn, but in fact, was swiftly ushering Evelyn through the system – on her way to being placed into an assisted-living facility under the care custody and control of the state and against her will.

A court case is still pending. Evelyn and friends hope that media will bring attention to Evelyn’s plight and the untruthful, over-stepping by Adult Protective Services. The Internet shows that similar situations are happening to the elderly homeowners across the United States. Evelyn Needs your help now. Shine a bright light on this one.

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Open Press Release

  Hi Betty--just a warning that your posts will be scrutinized by some of the REALNEO administrators here (and rightfully scrutinized), because we have been viciously spammed for our open content policy.

But, Betty, I will give you and your intentions the benefit of the doubt for this important story, showing the loss of our civil rights in America.  We have the right to be left alone and the woman's story posted originally here- merits special attention. 

This site also offers a "media" legitimacy not necessarily offered by REALNEO. 

I was in Columbus recently at the Ohio Elections Commission and a man who had been slandered in the press was asking to have his good name cleared by the person who had printed misinformation.  The slandered man noted that the press does not always choose to print the information submitted unless it is a paid advertisement.  This site offers some option to submit a "press release."  SEE http://www.prlog.org/us/

THANK YOU for calling this site to my attention! (although it looks like it is plagued with drek...)

my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

Schwartz story is a lead for spam to come

New user Savcash has re-posted this  Schwartz-tossed-out-of-her-home story to make savcash's entry to realneo seem innocuous and thus distract attention from spam to come from savcash in a second post very soon.   Realneo has seen this type of attempt to camouflage the purpose of a new user. we will see.

"Dean also called another friend, Betty Brown"

Betty, please forgive Jeff Buster - he went to Harvard and that made him a bit of a pompous asshole. He is also severely lead poisoned. If he had bothered to review your user acount information (which he is able to do, as an administrator), read any of your material, or looked at your many web resources, he would have realized you are a friend of a victim of a horrible government oppressing poor old people, which Jeff will soon be.

You've given me much to learn and read about - keep bringing us up the curve here as we are generally a caring and intelligent lot, even if not all open to enlightenment outside our little Ivy Towers.

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With all due respect , Betty

With all due respect , Betty Brown is not the new user, savcash is the new user - at least on my computer screen.  savcash has this payday loan link on their realneo bio.  Also on savcash's realneo bio is the information "Sell caskets, graveliners, markers, urns direct to the public. All funeral goods, USA made, delivered all over, at a huge discount. Also am in the crime scene cleanup trade."  

Maybe I am missing what others see as the authentic Betty Brown connection.   What authenticates this savcash post as one from Betty Brown?

Please lead this horse to the water....

okay, we can do this

BB is savcash I assure you. Yes, I posted the link to http://www.ateammasters.com - funny how of the 6 divisions there u pick on one, and incorrectly mention it as a payday loan link (it is a biz loan to those biz that take credit cards, factoring the funds).

Regardless, yes, the rest I put up on the bio, about me. If I should have put up my personal bio, in all honesty, at that late hour I wasn't in the mood, and having not checked others bios (more time at a late hour) I was hesitated to do so.

I have spoke to Guy a few weeks ago, about the APS and issues, and he went to my website and lifted the page

http://www.wetheprosepeople and posted it here, neat, lots of views.

But Jeff, so your q can be fully answered, if you had clicked onto the http://ateammasters.com/accountscash.htm link, u will see my pic, of BB, now I will go post a pic in my bio, so u can see, one and the same, let me know if that thirst (a good thing) is satisfied, smile, Betty B

Look at Betty's open and honest User Profile #8255

REALNEO member Savcash is member number 8255, and her user profile is here and quite complete:



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Sell caskets, graveliners, markers, urns direct to the public. All funeral goods, USA made, delivered all over, at a huge discount. Also am in the crime scene cleanup trade.

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JeffB, as an admin you can select "edit" and view Betty's email address, which is not the typical spammer set-up. If you visit the website linked from the profile, you see it is authentic to the user, and extensive. That the user intertests do not interest you does not invalidate the authenticity or value of the user, who is clearly in fact a human named Betty Brown, who seems good and in pursuit of social justice for people in distress.

I intend to follow up on this story with Betty.

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humm... I like to think I can figure out web stuff pretty easy, however, in trying to upload a pic of 100by 100 this is the message I get------

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[///] not sure how to overcome that?? Jeff, pls lead this horse to water here. LOL.


Thanks Norm, hey, this gives me a chance to inform people hahaaa, on a subject u are right, some just glance over.

Good day, Betty B.

Different Jeff - S - for tech support

Jeff Schuler is our tech guru and he will need to look at this issue - to make sure he sees it (and any admin/tech issues), send a message about the upload issue through the contact form here: http://realneo.us/contact... it sounds like a configuration issue that must be handled by admin.

BTW, you are doing a great job using the site - welcome to REALNEO... a very free, public, cooperative, common law kind of place. I see you will add lots of value to the community!

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thanks for all the replies, (I think ;)

No spam from me --- maybe an overload of information, but all to a great cause. Helping a woman who did nothing wrong, and a way to do it, with the County Grand Jury ( http://www.countygrandjury.org )

Evelyn is a sweet-heart of a lady, and the APS is really like the worst and I mean worst office one wants to mess with.

If posting a shorter version of the same info here was a no-no, well, guess that'd be only because someone is such a good sleuth they found it over there, grin.  However, getting the word out for the assist I believe topps the d/posts. Thank you for the defense too, yep, a good friend. Having her permission to tell this was step number one.

Nice welcome here, and I thank you all. With the story of Evelyn and her plight is another as mentioned the horrible gov/oppressing older people  - but also the rouge cops that think they can take people's liberty and freedom for granted as well, but that is another story.

The issues right now are handling the Probate court and their attack on Evelyn. They have court ordered her to go get a second doc evaluation and another hearing (Dec 3rd) before a judge this time instead of a magistrate - such power they think they can weild around - and do daily I suspect, all because they have delt with assumed content for ages.

Well, using the commom law way, we have sued the "Gangsters" and now await to see what comes of that as well.

Chow, Betty


Betty, I am very interested in your causes and processes

Linked from your diverse website, which seems to offend Jeff B., I reviewed what is posted in the business cash advance area at http://ateammasters.com/accountscash.htm and it seems legit and useful - I'd like to see how this may help a business I know is in need of a cash infusion - contact me at norm [at] realneo [dot] us, Betty.

I am also reading a book linked at your We The Pro Se People area, which is fascinating... I have a friend who defended himself well with such understanding, when facing serious criminal charges - absolutely essential knowledge for all world citizens... especially Americans.

Jeff, check out the free book there... 6 pg Book, print it :) How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Known To Man Kind By Mary Elizabeth Croft A++ (PDF)

Lots of Harvard folk behind this mess...

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I know the world expert on cognition and aging in real NEO

You want Dr. Peter Whitehouse to provide the second opinion. I am sure he will do that... he is generally a good person and doctor who understands healthy aging and has the respect of local authority, as he knows far more than they.

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I know the world expert on cognition and aging in real NEO


Thanks Norm, for all, did go to doc's site, will see about calling him, just to see if he has any ideas to start.  I did email tech too, thxs.

(And for the high fives) Regards, Betty B.


A site you might wish to look at too, common law 'mentor' and lots of info is at http://www.williamduff.com  and another one is http://www.1215.org I think u will find interesting. Off his site ["If you make yourselves sheep, the wolves will eat you." -- Benjamin Franklin
Our Mission: Through the courts, encouraging the Government to obey the law.]

I also suggest contacting Rob Hilton at McGregor

By posting this on REALNEO, you have informed many people in the region about this situation, including people at all levels of government and throughout the media. You've also informed a great group of citizens.

In addition to all you have done, and contacting Peter Whitehouse, I suggest you contact Ron Hilton.

Rob Hilton is President of the McGregor Foundation, which is very focused on helping seniors age successfully at home. Get in touch with him and tell him how broken the system is for Evelyn, and ask for help from his foundation to address the larger problem, which seems to include broken enforcement processes that are putting capable people in hursing homes.

That is so 20th century - I believe Hilton is supportive of moving seniors in this region into the 21st century of healthy aging at home, at far lower cost to society.

Rob Hilton - rob [dot] hilton [at] mcgregoramasa [dot] org

Regarding Peter Whitehouse, he may also be able to involve Evelyn in his work with intergenerational learning, and story-telling, as every 90-something has much to offer the youngest generation... get in touch with him beyond getting a second opinion.

Peter Whitehouse - whitehouse [dot] peter [at] gmail [dot] com

Send each a link to your posting on REALNEO - http://realneo.us/content/93-year-old-evelyn-schwartz-says-%E2%80%9Ci-do...

They know us well.

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Savcash - county grand jury

 Hello Savcash,

I still aren't buyin' your veracity here on Realneo

Please explain the relevance of county grand jury issues with old folks being deprived of their homes.

I do give you credit for writing a good game so far.  

best, jeffb



Going to Harvard doesn't make one a pompous asshole, Norm. Please rethink this slur.


My dad went to Harvard - I'll see if he agrees

I don't make an absolute assumption that all people associated with Harvard are pompous assholes, but I personally believe the probability of being a pompous asshole increases with association with Harvard.

Hard one to prove, one way or another, as the terms pompous, asshole, and associated with Harvard are open to great interpretation.

I'll see what my dad thinks about Harvard's impact on social development of associated individuals - he went there and is a psychiatrist... I believe the pattern has been one of self-anointed elitism leading to a tendency for pompousness and assholeness, and the fall of human civilization.

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Boys will be boys...

Meanwhile, I TRY to be a little more on the nice side--here:) JeffB is a warm and fuzzy guy and so is NormR.  We all tend to be a little addled here.  Carry on.

(I am thinking the PR site is just another smokescreen--REALNEO is still the best site out there for posting your original content and retaining your right to the content--upon, further reading, this is a scary policy: http://www.prlog.org/tos.html )

my opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, my spouse, my cat, my neighbors, my extended family or anyone I happen to acknowledge on the street, bus, etc.

Well, I am a firm believer

Well, I am a firm believer in being left alone.  As long as an individual has proper care, is warm, has food, all the necessities, why would anybody in their right mind want to up root them from their home and move them to a place they do not want to be.  MONEY - MONEY - MONEY.

For some ungodly reason, everybody is of the opinion that being by yourself is unnatural or not good - do you know that for some people, solitude is a welcomed guest.  Not everybody is bored or lonely or lost.

If this lady is happy what gives?


being happy with one's own choices

Thanks jerleen,  this guardianship issue and Adult Protective (what a laugh) services was something I too was in the dark about before this landed in my lap.  It is happening all over the states....this is just one example.


Elderly couple (yea a 67 and 70 yr old) kidnapped by Texas Adult Protective Services
• Elderly Couple Won't Lose House
• Elderly Couple's House Set for Sale


....just for the record when seniors like this couple with no immediate family are deemed to be wards of the state heres what happens to your property,cash-homes all assetts....
ONCE the nursing facility goes and empties your life savings {CASH-STOCKS ETC} then they take your home and sell it and the money goes to the nursing home.. 
 A True nightmare, travisty of justice for sure, as there is none here.

Evelyn hasn't been alone, she has a caregiver, the sister-in-law dislikes him and believes Evelyn should donate the house to the church instead of willing it to Dean, who has faithfully taken care of Evelyn and the house for over 15 yrs....and filed a complaint. APS has no reason to do what they are doing. They did as mentioned before now, appoint a date and a judge for Evelyn to go to a court ordered second evaluation...our question is, on what grounds do they take this step??

Why would she need to comply? She has done nothing wrong and now she is court ordered? AND if she complies and does the second eval. and passes with flying colors (which we are sure she will) if shows consent to the Probate court, to APS to make them believe they can rule over her life!! What is to stop them from coming back in 6 months or a yr and order another one?? If u don't go, they have the guns and the muscle to come and drag her away and proceed to put the guardian's name on her cds, bank accounts and grant him authority to sell her home to pay for the nursing home!!

We are working at using the common law to stop this, to expose these gangsters for the greed and wrong they are doing, please see http://www.countygrandjury.org and see if you have an interest there to assist. I did a second notice here


on this.

Regards, Betty

I could be wrong, but isn't

I could be wrong, but isn't there a way to prevent this type of 'takeover' from happening to the elderly?  I though if a person appointed a power of attorney that appointed person would be the advocate for the elderly person if cases such as this one occurred.  What am I missing here?  My mother is 91 years old and she has had a power of attorney for many years.  She wanted to 'appoint' someone to 'help' her if she became unable to make decisions for herself, someone that would know what she would want and make sure it was done.  Someone please explain this grand jury stuff to me.  What can we do to help his elderly woman?  What is savcash asking us to do? 

short answer now, more later on grand jury

Hi Ward,

One of the problems with the APS issues here, is that her POA had moved out of state, and she didn't have a local one (in over a yr) so after they started with her (after her stay in a nursing home due to gall stones) I became aware of what was going on. Her s-i-l is at the root of all her problems - and she wanted to be named POA or her son, as well. Evelyn was wise, and didn't want that, fearing the truth, a nursing home would be coming up right quick in her future, as the sister in law has issues with who should inherit Evelyn's home. (No kids). Anyway, Evelyn made me her durable Power Of Atty last month, and although APS had been permitted to visit the house prior to this, to be sure she wasn't being exploited, abused or in need, and they went through everything and found nothing wrong, they still set a hearing for guardianship. Then I entered the pic, and still, now after this they want another doc evaluation, which shouldn't be needed - it is just the wheels have started rolling, an atty paid $41.00 to be her guardian, and even against a doctor's recommendation she need no guardian and she simply needs to contiue on her lifestyle as former, they have no lawful way out, and they are squarming. Trying to - well, actually, using a court order to do a second evaluation, is abuse of their 'powers' and overstepping their authorities. She doens't consent, and if she consents now, there may be no end in sight. See this other youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z2mZUB-Kck&feature=player_embedded 

---in part---copy--

Murray Feingold is old enough to retire. He has been a Postal
worker for over forty years. He holds a full time position, in addition to working extensive overtime.

Murray was happy for all those years until he was introduced to the judicial system in 2000. The landlord of the building he had been living in for the prior ten years refused to make what Murray considered necessary repairs, so Murray resorted to 'self help' and withheld a portion of the rent. The apartment that Murray was living in was rent controlled, so it is easy to understand why the landlord decided to start eviction proceedings.

Instead of eviction, Murray was placed under guardianship by Hon.
Anthony Cutrona Justice of the Supreme Court in Kings County, Brooklyn, NY in March of 2001 in order to protect him. This is when Murray says his life turned into a nightmare. When a
guardian is appointed for a person, all their civil rights are lost. Murray could no longer control his own money. The court ordered that all of Murray's salary, including all overtime pay must be sent to the guardian, a company ironically called Self Help Community Services, Inc. Each week, the guardian returns $325 which he and his wife are expected to live on.

[///] To read rest go to link above and read, and view video as well. It is terribly hard to get out of the system once in, and to be cut loose once they think they get control or consent.

I read all Guy Black on here went thru, and seen he didn't let them in at the start, like Evelyn did, and he still had a heck of a time removing their name from the APS lists. Once let in, it is even worse, because they have assumed consent, until u flat out state enough, and she did, several times, but they are not listening.

The brief details I would offer here about the County Grand Jury wouldn't do u justice in gaining answers to that question, so I am going to let William Duff (of the http://www.countygrandjury.org website) come in and go over that with you all.  Please visit the website as well.  Except to tell you that:

  • those who join would benefit from the experience of learning, in some depth, the operations of governments and common law.
  • they would  contribute to a very worthy cause and gain alot of self satisfaction from time well spent.
  • You would experience working with up to 25 other people of different backgrounds, each one having a different opinion, but working for the same goal to better the County and perhaps be an answer to people's plights.

(Jeff, smile, are we dancing? I am ligiet, and not leading anyone down any rabbit holes I swear. The q about the g/jury will be answered in full by Mr. Duff when he gets his password so he can respond.)

Regards, Betty

william duff to sell us

I don't blog at work since I work at work. I am hoping to be at work when or if Mr. Duff comes on to enlighten us (or to sell us). Here is text from his home page. At each of the links there is another link to donate to the cause if you want.



Now that you recognize the nature of your domain and your dominion over it the real work begins when you attempt to apply these principles to actions taken against you by governments and their subdivisions and agents attempts to compel or prohibit your choice of action respecting subject matter that exists solely within your own private domain.  You now at least have a solid foundation upon which to proceed.  

Now that you know how you are supposed to be treated by your trusted office holder, you are going to find out that officer friendly is not respecting that.  Then you will find out that the local muni court is not going to respect that either.  After you get rammed through that court and find that nothing you told them or showed them has changed their mind, you appeal and find the very same deaf ear in the constitutionally created county court.  You will invariably come away from that journey with a bad taste in your mouth and the feeling that you are a subject rather than a free man or woman.  Don't be dismayed, it happens to nearly everyone and it doesn't seem to matter whether you declare that you are one of the sovereign people, or that you accept their charges for value, or that you have reserved your rights under UCC 1-308 or any of the other ingenious patriot assertions afoot on the internet.  

When I am pretty sure officer friendly has failed to respect my right of action, the muni court is not going to back me up as it should and I am about to be waylaid in the de novo appeal court, you can be sure I have given fair notice to officer friendly, the prosecutors, and the judges of the courts describing my right of action and his/her wrong doing .  Invariably they will ignore that notice. So have I wasted my time and paper by noticing them?  Probably not, in that it is well settled law that prior notice is sufficient evidence that they are aware of the lawful boundary of their grant of power respecting the office they hold.  When they ignore the notice and act beyond their authority they do so, not as an innocent party doing their duty but one who is, with willful and wanton intent, exceeding the confines of their office of trust.   That creates a couple of problems for them; first the act itself, when it causes a harm, is now a crime.  A crime is an intentional act that inures another, and second, causes them to lose subject matter jurisdiction and their further acts eject them from their office of trust respecting the immediate matter.  Now they are private citizens pretending to be acting with the authority of law (under color of law) and their governmental immunity is stripped from them.  That fact is made clear by the prior notice whether the court is willing to recognize it or not.  Of course we know; courts are willing to commit crimes in order to protect their fellow office holders.  We also know this happens far more than not. 

The reason our faithful office holders ignore our claim to freedom is because over many generations, the courts have claimed that the "General Welfare" authority of the Fed and State as written into the constitutions provide them with the power to compel or prohibit actions done by the individual people, even where no harm is associated, as it defines is in the best interest of the public (all the people collectively).  Did you watch the G. Edward Griffin video about the collective?  If you didn't, go back and watch it now.

While it is in our public interest not to injury one another it is clearly against public policy to take the freedom of one of us just in case one of us may injure someone.  This is clearly a collectivist concept and in America Socialism is a crime, as is the case with this general welfare claim of power ignoring property rights retained by the individual people respecting their own private life, liberty and property where no intent to injure is apparent.  Both are socialist elements and both are crimes in this American society.  Your neighbors, and maybe even you, have been convinced these crimes are necessary for your health, safety, morals, and welfare.  In America Socialism is a crime and every office holder that promotes or acquiesces to it is a criminal and must be brought to justice for that crime if we are to remain a free people.  It just isn't' the duty of the government to protect your neighbor from your acts.......... it is your duty to protect your neighbor from your acts and their duty to protect you from their acts and non-compliance with that duty is addressed one controversy at a time as injuries occur instead of allowing government to presume a non existent controversy and punish everyone.  

This is why the courts will ignore you and every other office holder will not assist you in protecting your property rights .  Fortunately, the rule of law in this land is still in your favor but you will have to pitch in and help enforce it as the courts no longer will.  As such, we must remind the courts of their duty and fortunately there is a lawful way to bind them to the rule of law.  Thank Roger Elvick and Bill Thornton for recognizing it after this entire society has forgotten.  The Great Charter of the Common law as altered for the nature of this society holds our salvation as it was intended to secure our rightful authority over government when the subject matter is your life, your liberty and your property.

At this point you will be well informed by Angela Starks conference with guest Bill Thornton, publisher/researcher of www.1215.org warning:  this is 4 hours of easy to understand common law application.  You will miss a lot if you miss this.  





I am assuming that you are at work now.  Not sure what that means exactly.  Possibly that you will not have to read this if it comes while you work?  Hmmmm.

I get that you and many on this group are skeptical of new people and new ideas.  I actually share that disability.  I also recognize that a reasonable skepticism is a good thing.  I emphasize reasonable.

It appears you have chosen an exerpt from my website where I offer knowlege about things that i have carefully researched and think need to be shared.  I did not notice any criticism of the exerpt however your one and only comment was that I would ask you and others to support my effort through a voluntary consideration.  Did you notice that nothing is withheld and conditioned on that consideration?  You didn't point that out if you did.

In pursuit of clarity, respecting this post and several other, the www.williamduff.com website is describing the unassailable nature of your property interest in your life, liberty and property and by contrast pointing out how our trusted office holders fail to recognize that fact.  It further suggests solutions to convincing that office holder this it is very important that they both recognize and respect those property rights.  In fact, according to the rule of law,  office holders are bound by oath or affirmation to recognize and respect those property rights and when they fail to do so that act renders them unqualified to continue in the office of trust.  As I am sure you and the people on this group already know, that fact has been lost for some generations and our trusted office holders are more than happy to ignore the law of this land for the benefits they get by being in everyones business nearly all the time.  does Revenue Farming come to mind here? 

On the williamduff website I have provided everyone with specific knowledge supporting each in their individualism and proving beyond any doubt what the boundaries between government and individuals is.  Countygrandjury.org is not a teaching tool.  It is an action tool.  It provides everyone a place to come together and take action that is both lawful and necessary. 

In case any of you had missed it, our government has for generations blocked the people from any capacity to resist them.  What the average person recognizes is that "you can't fight city hall".  and so they get in line and let government do pretty much anything it wants to do.  Further, in case any of you had missed it, there is a huge movement of individuals in this country that are sick to death of one intrusion after another by government people.  Schwartz is just one in tens fo thousands of such intrusions that occur annually.  Probate is big business.  Revenue farming is bigger business.  The court appointed attorney (probate gang member) summed it up in a letter to schwartz:  'The hearing didn't go well for you.  At this point you have no option to a court appointed guardian other than you appointing me your conservator' (paraphrased)

is that how you want your last months and years to be?  Where did Adult protective Services get the standing to apply on Schwartz's behalf for the guardian?  Or the court to declare Schwartz a ward of the court?  It is simple to say; wow, bummer and then go about your business largely uneffected.  I created the countygrandjury.org largly because the attorney was right.  There was no mechanism that could stop this probate gang.

The countygrandjury is a tool that you, in Ohio, can use to say no to the big business Probate thugs.  It is you that must make that statement, not me.  the website is far from complete but it is working well enough for you to join it and find others in your county so that you can come together as "Sureties of the Peace" and demand justice and then enforce your demand with a writ or bill that is as official as anything the government does.  In fact, it is more authoritative.

Betty Brown is informing you of a travesty that is happening now and asking you to take a moment from your lives to set it right and she is telling you a way to accomplish that.

What do I get out of it?  Its free to join now and will be until the entire site is ready for its grand opening......   there has been some conversation about getting a $5 annual fee for membership at some time in the future but nothing has been decided.  for me, I could use some help shouldering this burden.  Healty skeptism is a good thing it is also a good excuse for too many.




Welcome - well said - thank you - I'll help

Welcome to REALNEO. I find all of your insight powerful and important. I had a friend who was very experienced with common law explain all this to me, about ten years ago, and it took me an entire evening to really understand... months and years for certain things to sink in - and I am still largely ignorant - don't expect people to grasp all this overnight.

Use realneo to educate and engage us further... offer the common law perspectives on the events around us.

I'd like to meet with Evelyn and learn more about her situation and how she may be helped. I'll share her story on the Internet and spread that as far and wide as possible, if she likes.

I'll be glad to assist any of you with social computing and information technology, although you seem accomplished with that.

I will contact Peter Whitehouse and Rob Hilton to ask them to help Evelyn, if she agrees to that.

I know many other people who may help - Commissioner Jones comes to mind.

Let me know how you want to proceed.

Disrupt IT

greetings and thank you

Your assistance will be appreciated by betty and eve.  I know it will...... 

here is what needs to be done...........  everyone in Cuyago (sp?) county that can hear this message needs to become a member of the www.countygrandjury.org  ......... once there are more than 25 it will be possible to select a panel of 25 from that group of volunteers......  remember, there is only one condition to being a panel member ..... that is that you agree to protrect the life, liberty and property of the owner of that life, liberty and property..........  from all that would take those things without consent. 

I have read several of your posts to betty and i do appreciate your willingness to understand and help.  with respect to fulfilling the courts order for eve to be retested.............. forget it......... she is not going to retest with one of the probate gangs lackies.......... 

Eve has filed a complaint with the county court.  The complaint is constructed as a "court of record that is proceeding according to the course of the common law".   structuring the lawsuit in this way deprives the county judge (the magistrate) from having discretion to make any ruling or judgment without the consent of the "tribunal".(see www.1215.org for full details on how to operate such a common law court action......... thank bill thornton and Roger Elvick for remembering this for us.  That tribunal will most likely issue a writ of prohibition to the probate court to cease and desist its action against eve.  We expect the county court to treat this like it is a joke because it believes that the common law has been replaced by the Statutory law which is patently untrue.  as such, there will be a battle to enforce the judgment of the tribunal in eves suit........ 

What this means is, that even though there is an action underway to force probate to quit its action against eve, that action may very well result in other actions during which time the probate court will hammer home its intent..........   that being the case, something else must be presented to stop that railroading..... that is where the "Sureties fo the Peace" (countygrandjury members) come in........  once the panel investigates the facts and the panel members decide to return an indictment, writ of prohibition, bill of presentment...... or nothing at all.......... I assume the facts will support a writ of prohibition based on my deep knowledge of the case...... in any event..... the four forman will present that writ or presentment to the probate court and to the Adult protective services attorney and to the county court, whereupon demand will be made for compliance and response evidenceing that compliance.

If the courts think you are kidding,,,,,,,,, more action can and should be taken....... 

how is that for an overview?  there is a lot between the lines there...... but the journey is neither time consuming or risky for members...... and the whole matter is handled in a very informal way......

I will help all i can to help with documents documentation of authority adn so on........... betty and eve will provide the facts as they stand now............. 

wdd is not a salesman.






 Now you mention that you have the POA. A 2d opinion is SOP, and should be done ASAP. 

Thank you for the

Thank you for the explanation Betty, and for the links. 


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