Bootblock malware - Verizon lacks adequate software security superiority

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 09/29/2012 - 20:37.

Image above of cell phone screen with bootblock jam.

9.30.12 Note:   Yesterday's post is inaccurate.   This is not a malware problem or a Verizon problem. This is a Samsung cell phone problem.   The following rant against Verizon is baseless.  I recharged the Samsung phone (which is about 2 years old) and today the phone is functioning properly.  

Original inaccurate post follows:

Verizon phones are vulnerable to the bootblock malware.   And if you have to reboot your phone, and lose all your contact and message information, why isn't it Verizon's liability?  

Cleary Verizon doesn't have the software security required to keep this bootblock attack at bay. 

So the Verizon customer pays?

No, Verizon must pay - for Verizon cleary has a weak corporate security program.

How many months of service is it worth to reload all your contacts?



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