Clear as Black and White - "disadvantaged" neighborhood pc of Clark Freeway is back and has 13 signal intersections -

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 12/07/2012 - 12:46.

The Clark Freeway was stopped from going through the Buckeye-Kinsman-Shaker Lakes  40+ years ago - but the fair minded folks at University Circle and the Cleveland Clinic  have the desire to spend 350 million of taxpayer money to impose the western half of the Clark Freeway through the Disadvantaged Triangle.

New highways destroy neighborhoods - we knew that in the 1960's but lie about it today.  We use the BIG LIE and call it an OPPORTUNITY CORRIDOR.     Read about the Clark Freeway at CSU's ClevelandMemoryProject - thank you Linda Doll.

ODOT has been staying up nights to figure out how to "improve" the community by wiping out the community with a new highway.  

The latest "plan" includes a dozen signaled intersections between E55 and  Cedar.

Why not improve the existing grid - which has the potential to have fewer signaled intersections?

Is part of the present plan the intentional disruption and dissolution of the community?

This is a list (from Greater Cleveland Partnership web site) of the folks in Cleveland who are so very earnestly concerned with providing "opportunity" for the folks who are going to lose their homes and their community continuity:

 Here's the description from the gcp web site:


The Opportunity Corridor, a catalytic $380 million investment to strategically redevelop more than 200 acres of underutilized land along on the southeast side of Cleveland, is the epitome of a regional public-private partnership. The 21-member steering committee embodies a diverse wealth of knowledge, experience and resources needed to navigate the various challenges and constraints facing the project.


Co-chaired by GCP Board members Terrance Egger, publisher of The Plain Dealer, and James Ireland, managing partner of Early Stage Partners, the committee encourages public dialogue and input to achieve consensus support of all matters related to the planning, design and construction of the corridor in a manner that is beneficial to the neighborhoods within the corridor and the City of Cleveland as a whole.









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FBI: This NEVER STOPPED....see map overlays-start to finish.

Jeff, what you missed was the big old "MASTER PLANS" that had to be effectuated over the last 40 years to deprive that community of absolutely everything....that would have stabilized and sustained it as a beautiful area.....


This plan has been in place for all those years little to the residents' awareness and most of the rest of the world's realization....City Planning Commission maps back to the period you discussed, CDBG, NSP, and HUD FUNDING MAPS at countless levels will all overlay to open this area depriving funding at so many levels---your head would spin...This is the stuff we went to see at that annual meeting in January 2011....the one where Guy and Lily video'd....and the one guy asked for transparency from the speakers....I am certain Laura was there too. It was around my birthday. Truly an eyeopener for the idiots getting those dog & pony shows in the micro format instead of the you see the ultimate macro is where it's always place.


This is another FRAUDULENT activity divisely implemented upon Clevelanders right under their noses....


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"