Cleveland Housing Network has been rebranded!!

Submitted by mabeldog on Fri, 08/11/2017 - 12:53.
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Cleveland Housing Network is NO MORE

Cleveland Housing Network is no more. As of August 9, 2017 it has an exciting and purposely vague NEW name.  It's CHN Housing Partners. Partners. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Like who are the "partners"? And why now? It's also called HOUSECO XVI INC. Sounds like a loan shark service, one step ahead of the regulators. Why XVI? And not XV. Or VXI.  But definitely NOT Cleveland Housing Network. ALL references must be changed immediately. Don't worry though. They're still the same sleazy corrupt "non" profit, destroying Cleveland"s East side with their slum, lead paint filled housing empire. AND they also have a "for profit" arm. And several LLCs. ALL paid for with YOUR federal tax dollars, funneled through HUD. 


But WAIT. Stop the presses! Even though ALL references must be changed immediately to the new improved HOUSECO PARTNERS PAY DAY LOAN CHN XXXL or whatever, ON THEIR OWN website they are still Cleveland Housing Network. It couldn't possibly be the sanctimonious pious provider of overpriced unaffordable badly constructed housing for the poor is trying to GET AWAY with nefarious dealings like the 51% ownership of the fraudulently property tax EXEMPT HEROIN HOTELS it co-owns with "private hospital" owner EDEN by hiding behind new names....could it??