The Co Presidents of Ward 4

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The Co Presidents of Ward 4

Here they are! The gal pals running Ward 4. Mrs. and Mrs. Marion Gardner. Or is it Anita? Or maybe they're going by the CURRENT Clowncilman's name. It is SO HARD to keep track. Political correctness and all. What are their preferred pronouns anyway? That's what's really important. Debi Gray Gardner made so very many promises on the campaign trail, along with her totally imaginary and UNfact checked resume. Running the UAW, running the libarry system, running an online clothing enterprise. In reality Debi's last real job was a teller for Key Bank. In 2000. She spewed the usual vague bullshit about "being there" for Mt. Pleasant but now that she is ensconced on her VERY large seat at city hall, all she has to offer is pigs and chickens. Or is it goats? At Mrs. Gardner Gray's fake non profit the CCCCCC. Where many self-promoting promises are ALSO made about free food and clothes and utilities and rent and dentist appointments and trips to Cedar Point and sanitary wipes for the hookers who allegedly drift in and out of the handsome brick headquarters at 13512 Kinsman on a regular basis. That Mrs. Gardner Gray got FOR FREE from the Landbank. But how are the hookers supposed to know when the wipes come in when the last update on their FB page was in 2020. And they curiously have NO WEBSITE. Mrs. Gardner Gray with all her bloviating about being there for Mt. Pleasant and going to housing court every single day to stop evictions and other selfless acts of compassion, the non profit she runs has had its tax-exempt status revoked. For FAILING TO FILE AN IRS 990 which is mandatory. The CCCCCCC has NEVER filed one. If you dared to ask her about this she would accuse you of being a white supremicist. Her vast empire of donated empty lots will soon house all manner of lifestock a veritable farmland in the hood. BUT other LESS FAVORED vacant lots in Ward 4 are filling up with toxic waste and gangs roar up and down the streets of Mt. Pleasant every weekend firing randomly at homes. Mrs. Debi Gray Gardner who ran on accountability is not interested in any of THAT. Or returning phone calls either. She's in there now. Ain't nothing nobody can do. The much maligned Ken Johnson MAY have had his faults but he returned every single phone call from every consitutent. But times have changed in Ward 4 as it moves into an agrarian economy.  Debi and her gal Anita are busy planning the back 40. Because BELIEVE ME neither of them will be doing any actual PLANTING.

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Starts in Ward 4 under Debi Gray Gardner