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Submitted by Susan Miller on Thu, 01/14/2010 - 12:36.
Legal Notices
COAD Northern Ohio Training Center ENVIRONMENTAL STUDY - REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development, located in Athens, Ohio is requesting Statements of Qualifications from interested Ohio Firms for an environmental study pursuant to the planned renovation of a hospital wing constructed in 1959 located at 1881 Torbenson Drive, Cleveland, Ohio. Project intent is to convert the hospital building into classrooms and offices for use as a Weatherization Training Center for Northern Ohio. In addition, the construction of a 5,000 square foot adjacent pre- engineered building to house mock-up houses for training purposes is anticipated. Two copies of the Statement of Qualifications accompanied by a one-page letter of interest is to be mailed to The Community Action Committee of Pike County, 941 Market Street, P.O. Box 799, Piketon, Ohio 45661, c/o Roger Patton. Statements of Qualifications must be received by 5:00 p.m. January 29, 2010. For additional information contact Roger Patton at 740.289.2929 or rpatton [at] pikecac [dot] org. pdjan14,15,16,17,182010 2393868
I wondered what a Pike County agency and an Athens agency were doing in Northeast Ohio, so I called Mr. Patton. Apparently he is the guy in Ohio who knows how to build these training facilities, so the state asked him to oversee the building of the Traiuning Center. The Training Center in Athens, Ohio can only accomodate about 50 trainees at a time and since the ARRA funds for Home Weatherization just went from $600 million to $5 billion, our state got in line. Cuyahoga County managed to get the program here and will use three buildings on the site on Torbenson for the jobs training program.
For information on whether or not you might qualify for home weatherization assistance and to apply, see the auditor's website energy assistance page. For a wild ride on tax values of this property since 2002 when it was purchased by the county, search the address on the auditor's website. Currently owned by the CEOGC (they are working with COAD on this weatherization deal), who purchased the building from the county, who purchased it from Metro Hospital 10/3/2002 who purchased it from the Salvation Army in 1987. My question there is why would the property owned by the county/metro hospital in 2006 have accumulated a tax bill of $614,004.17 and what is "C990007-Cuyahoga County (omitted tax)"?
OK, the deal is that the state takes 3 years to process an exemption application, so this property recieves tax bills (that they do not pay) for those 3 years while the exepmtion application is being reviewed. The "omitted tax" is explained this way. The CMSD will target properties and suggest that they are undervalued. When a new (higher) value is assigned for the year prior, that previously "omitted tax" hits the bill.
My oh, my... how is one to understand the workings of government?
But this one still puzzles me:
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that on January 14, 2009, a public hearing will be held in the Board Room of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority (the "Cleveland Port"), One Cleveland Center, 1375 East Ninth Street, Suite 2300, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, commencing at 1:00 o'clock p.m. EST, with respect to the proposed issuance by the Summit County Port Authority (the "Summit Port") of Summit County Port Authority Bond Fund Program Tax-Exempt Recovery Zone Facility Revenue Bonds (City of Cleveland - Flats East Development Project) (the "Bonds"), in a principal amount not to exceed $2,025,000. Pursuant to an authorization from the City of Cleveland, Ohio (the "City"), the proposed bond issue will utilize up to $2,025,000 of the Recovery Zone Facility Bond limitation allocated to the City under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (the "Stimulus Act") which enacted Section 1400U-1(a)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the "Code"). The proceeds of the Bonds are to be used (i) by the Cleveland Port to assist Flats East Development, LLC (the "Company") in financing a portion of the costs of the acquisition and construction, reconstruction, renovation, or improvement of Recovery Zone Property, to-wit an approximately 476,000 square foot commercial office building for use by the Company in the leasing of space to commercial businesses, which facility will be used in the active conduct of a Qualified Business within a Recovery Zone (all within the meaning of Section 1400U-3 of the Code) (the "Project"), and (ii) to pay certain expenses incurred in connection with the issuance of the Bonds, not to exceed 2% of the sale proceeds, including the cost of any credit enhancement connected with the facility financed with the Bonds. The Project is located in Cleveland, Ohio and bounded on the west by West Tenth Street, on the south by Main Avenue, on the north by Front Avenue, and on the east by properties fronting on West Ninth Street. The Project will be owned by the Cleveland Port and used by the Company pursuant to a capital lease in the active conduct of a Qualified Business within the Recovery Zone and the City, to promote economic development and increase employment within the City and the State. The Bonds will be special obligations of the Summit Port payable solely from funds provided by the Company and will not constitute a debt or a pledge of the faith and credit or the taxing power of the State, the City, the Summit Port or any agency, instrumentality or political subdivision of the State. The initial operator of the Project will be the Company. Persons wishing to express their views on the proposed bond issuance may appear at the hearing or may submit their views in writing regarding the proposed issue of bonds and the location and nature of the facilities to be financed. Any written submissions should be sent to the Summit Port at Summit County Port Authority, 18th Floor, One Cascade Plaza, Akron, Ohio 44308 and clearly marked "Re: City of Cleveland - Flats East Development Project." Written submissions should be mailed in sufficient time to be received prior to January 14, 2010. This notice is given pursuant to Section 147(f) of the Code. SUMMIT COUNTY PORT AUTHORITY p.d.dec.31,2009 2387616
Why is Summit County Port Authority involved here in CCPA's biznas?
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