Cormorants and Gulls resting - a parable

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 07/31/2009 - 09:09.
Cormorants and Gulls resting - a parable


These two species rest mingled together on a rock.. Day after Day.  No problem. No fights.  
Why?   Probably because there is no competition between the cormorant and the gull for the same food. The cormorant feeds underwater, and the gull feeds on the water’s surface and in the air (mayflies).
On Realneo many of us don’t seem to be able to hang together restfully - instead going into virtual attack mode against others of our same species.   
I think there are a few reasons:  
1.         The fighters on Realneo and other sites are looking for the same web food - for wallets and self esteem.
2.         There is a proclivity to fight with those whose views are most like yours.  This is because the people whose views are most like yours are the people you associate with to begin with. You can’t very easily fight with someone with whom you have no association.   That happened recently on Realneo.
3.         In military/government Covert Ops - it is always effective to try to trigger different fractions of your enemy to fight themselves, instead of fighting you.  Did you ever wonder why the Palestinian Hamas and Fatah fractions ended up fighting each other?   


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Gulls and Cormorants

  Nice parable, in theory JB, but you've got the animal biology and behavior wrong...ZM, care to explain?

You Forgot the Most Important Factor, Industrial Covert Ops

A former client of mine, a Fortune 50 military and telecommunications company, had policies and systems in place to break national and international laws around the world, in response to governments and companies that are threats to corporate secrets.

I believe your third theory is close, but most  Covert Ops are driven by the private sector.

There hasn't been fighting here among real realneo members - we were attacked by enemies and we defended ourselves well. Now to understand everything about the attackers and protect the coop from them and those like them in the future.

We shall be the best in the world with our legal information technologies, including for preventing cyberterrorism.

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