Destruction of Cleveland weak WOKE “leaders” are to blame

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Cleveland NOW

How to destroy a once great city. Let me count the ways. Take away the name of it's beloved baseball team to satisfy a bunch of white Karens  who have never been to a baseball game. Attendance drops over 50% inspite of the Fraudians clinching the division. Put in a mayor propped up by a big fat FORMER mayor run out of town 20 years ago, with a sketchy "employment" background,a few unsettled evictions, a mysterious white male "roommate" and a made up history of coming from Mt. Pleasant from 'poverty" although his parents were a librarian and a safety officer who lived in their own home in Garfield Heights where he went Catholic school. He surrounds himself with overpaid brand new staff in brand newly created "jobs" who speak FOR him and never holds a press conference. When things go wrong he blames Frank Jackson. Looking for "inclusion" in EVERY POSITION as in no white males need apply. That should not be the determining criteria when looking for a new school superintendent in a district  when half the "students" even the ones without guns aren't showing up. Most of the rest can't read OR add thanks to 2 years of distance "learning" demanded by the "teacher's" union. Emphasize "health", ONLY through pushing the poisonous phony vaxxxeeene on the skeptical black community and enlisting reverends to do his dirty work. Jetting off to other cities on a far too regular basis to grandstand and take selfies with other bullshit artists like Petey Bootyjig, the worst transportation Secretary EVER. Realizing after gifting tax exemptions to fraudulent charities like EDEN who own over $100 million in property tax EXEMPT rental units and running all the real industries out of town to China to "save" the environment that Cleveland no longer has a tax base. Deciding to try to put the screws on... are you ready for a big laugh... THE CLEVELAND CLINIC to pay property taxes. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with THAT. And maybe the worst of all is the once great Cleveland orchestra who hired a Kanadian dicatator to run it. Shut down Severance Hall for 2 years. Take $50 million from a crime organization masquerading as a charity. Change the name of Severance Hall to the Curly Larry and Moe Mandel Foundation to recognize this "gift" with many strings attached.  Upon reopening demand masques and the bio weapon shot of all attendees only to see attendance collapse. Hire a nobody to replace William Preucil who was driven out because of Karenism and political correctness. Hire another nobody as principal trombone. And finally cave in to the demands of a RECENTLY HIRED trans Karen who wants the Cleveland Orchestra to pay for surgery for her brand new sore vagina. And will soon realize a massive payout. Ka-ching. For discrimination!!!  The ONLY well run operation is the still great Cleveland Museum of Art with a strong REAL leader in William Griswold. So there's THAT tiny life raft of hope.

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The high cost of fear porn and pandering

How long can it remain hidden that the Cleveland Orchestra is struggling to regain its audience in the more than half empty Curly, Larry and Mo Mandel Arena fka as Severance Hall. Was it the dictatorial "health" and "safety" guidelines making masking and the vaxeeeene "passport" mandatory from the Executive Director from Kanada making in excess of $1,000,000 per year, for almost the entire 21/22 season? Did long time subscribers fail to renew? Many many tickets remain in the orchestra AND balcony ( although the center section in the orchestra section is suddenly completely filled, as is the entire first few rows of the balcony looking suspiciously like a certain amount of "papering the house" is going on) for the opening concerts on Thursday and Friday this week. But check out the first 2 concerts in October. Saint Saen's Organ Symphony and Beethoven's Eroica. The hall, unless something DRASTIC changes, will be almost empty. The orchestra lost one of their super star administrators and their only black member of upper management Mark Williams to Toronto. William Preucil and the principal trombone were just replaced with nonentities. And the orchestra is getting ready to pay out a ridiculous lawsuit to a transgender Karen employed for 18 months for as a digital something or other for initially and rightly denying PAYING FOR surgery for a malfunctioning vagina "she" had installed BEFORE "she" even started working there. Now of course the orchestra administration has not only caved in to the enormous power of the minuscule transgender lobby and agreed to pay for this vagina "surgery" at University Hospital's world famous transgender department but ALSO to a massive "discrimination" law$uit!  For pain and "suffering". Don't these reconditioned vaginas come with a warranty??! The factory models have a lifetime guarantee. George Szell who took the Cleveland Orchestra from relative obscurity to a WORLD CLASS ORCHESTRA and who would NEVER EVER have allowed William Preucil to be fired, is turning over AND OVER in his grave

Sad - Orchestra news

You bring to light the sad reality on our cultural status... I know you have been a VERY loyal supporter and it is sad that we have so many charlatans in control of our institutions.

And everything else

Except CMA

CMA is not all rosy either

All the local museums need to build new patrons and support...Griswold is okay. Nothing too exciting. Boring is better than David Franklin :) 

Welfare state

It's not just the arts it's the regime at City Hall panhandling for federal funds. A "mayor" elected with 17% of eligible voters. 32,000 or so people, Ohio City, Tremont, Detroit Shoreway. There is no attempt to create wealth just destroy it. Cleveland the wealthiest city in this country until 1932 is now a pathetic shadow of its former self. A welfare state, a joke. A disgrace. 

The $1,000,000 man NEEDS to GO

As the audiences for the Cleveland Orchestra continue to dwindle the Executive Director who oversees the whole apparatus "earns" over $1,000,000.  He is responsible for hiring (including the vagina troubled "young" "person" who is/was the digital director and really it won't need to work after the big discrimination settlement it will get courtesy of TCO), for accepting a $50 million dollar "donation" from the Curly Larry and Moe Foundation a money laundering "charity" worth 4BILLION tax exempt dollars, one condition of which was to reBRAND Severance Hall. He has established a "health" partnership with the Cleveland Clinic to deflect blame for the draconian vaxxeene and mask mandates he declared in an obsequious Youtube video which crushed attendance during the 2021/22 season. And SOMEONE who answers to him came up with this AMAZING marketing idea. At the very VERY last minute of course.  For last week's concert on Sweetest Day a 15% discount was offered for tickets, of which MANY remained available up until the baton was raised. The discount was offered along with a bag of CANDY.....sweetest get it. Bring your sweetheart for a romantic night at the orchestra. Here was the program. Not Chopin or Johann Strauss. Or Schubert or Schumann or Liszt. The program included Beethoven's Eroica Symphony the first three notes of which heralded the END of the romantic era. It ALSO included some new work by someone named Al-Zand called.....wait for it....LAMENTATIONS ON THE DISASTERS OF WAR." A "romantic" piece Curly, Larry and Moe would CERTAINLY appreciate! Nyuck nyuck nyuck.

Curly Larry and Moe strike again!

More exciting news at the Curly Larry and Moe 4billion dollar tax EXEMPT money laundering "charity"! They made another name changing score. That Serbian CEO at the CCF whose name I can't be bothered to look up is now so HONORED and just plain THRILLED to be the very first Curly Larry and Moe CEO of the Cleveland Clinic. For a $30 million "donation" they only got a chair.   Down the street Curly Larry and Moe got a whole historic Cleveland building for just $20 million more. 

Where is Franz Welser Most

The supremely healthy and fit conductor of the Cleveland Orchestra had a cancerous tumor suddenly and unexpectedly removed in late August and is now on medical leave. There have been ZERO updates on his condition since September 8. He is due back next week. TCO enforced a draconian mask and quackzene mandate under their $million$ dollar man dictator CANADIAN Andre Gremielet. So I just called the ticket office to ask if the Maestro will DEFINITELY be back and one would EXPECT if he IS coming back he would already have scheduled rehearsals. The ticket agent when I posed the question said UHHHH hang on and put me on hold for about 3 minutes. When she came she said, VERY NERVOUSLY "what we have been TOLD to say is he will be back but that of course is subject to change." I said when will you know and she said "I can't tell you that."