Don't believe the LIE

Submitted by lmcshane on Mon, 02/22/2010 - 17:42.

Here are some bleak photos taken today of William Rainey Harper School in the Old Brooklyn neighborhood near Fulton and Biddulph Rds.

This is the reality 18 neighborhoods, 16 east side, 2 west side--will live with soon, if the Cleveland Metropolitan School District board approves the "Transformation" Plan. 

If you live in one of these neighborhoods, and you have paid taxes to support services in your neighborhood--how does this make you feel??

The District also fails to note that several schools currently used as swing schools will also be closed after serving their current purpose.  So, the actual number of school closings is much higher than 18.

Don't believe the lie.

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The Political Gangster                    

                             I totally agree, it would be really,really bad for our children,and there children if us adults don't wake up and stand up for these kids. they need us more than ever. they're not bad and crazy like you think, they just know what chances they have with little leadership. we can do better!!!

PD's propaganda machine

Is in full steam ahead mode--knocking off articles left and right, because this School Board just might not buy into the take-down.  I am praying that the full extent of the scams run by Sanders and Burns in Toledo are seen in the light of day soon.  But they are mere front men for the bigger, more sinister corporate culture we live with in NEO.  No one comes out a winner, if we continue to allow this parasitic corporate culture to continue

Transformation Plan spin to levy campaign

Jackson and PD plan a massive spin to pass CMSD levy--don't believe it for one minute:

This snapshot of the Bond Accountability Commission shows the last meeting held 1/19/2010.


Alfonso Sanchez, Chair

Lillie Bell    Diane Downing    Robert Jackson    Ralph Johnson
Sandra Morgan    Eric Paszt    Nancy Schuster    Peter van Dijk

The primary goal of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District is to become
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