Gone Country... Getting Back to the Basics!

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The hustle and bustle of the big city life is something to be thought about by home grown folks from down yonder. Those folks who come from good old fashioned wholesome homesteads and taught to be honest, respectable, and to be a "man of your word"...with a handshake that seals a deal....should truly reevaluate any considerations to submerse yourself in the big city life that often "consumes" your soul and devours your best qualities.

Living in the big city requires thick skin. If you are not one for seeing some of the most questionable events of life on a regular basis; then don't move into the big city. If you cannot handle seeing people having sex in their cars; smoking dope in the shopping center parking lots, and worrying daily about whether you'll get robbed, raped, or violated; then don't move to the big city.

Generations of unethical corruption have created an unsavory climate of "who's who?" -back scratching hogwash in the big city. Generations of people being taught by their elders to "pull strings" and "pay to play" have created an unlevel playing ground for living humbly in the big city. Generations of absolute violations against the public at large has demised the heart of many inner cities...and steered out the folks who were not willing to sell their souls to the devil to survive in the big cities.

Roots are something that run deep in the core of our lives. Think twice if you are considering the amazing delights of a "Tourist Friendly" city that does not respect its own... While the big city has tons to offer for a short "VISIT"... it's not a place to raise a family and enjoy the pleasures of what you would consider "a sense of community!".

Know your blessings and have faith in your own towns.... Remain steadfast that with love and patience....there unlimited possibilities in your very own backyards...

Time to go sit in the rocking chair and sip on some country time iced tea! 

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Adventures at the Funny Farm

For those of you who are unaware; my dad and nephews live on a mountaintop in Southeast Ohio near lots of public lands that make it seem like endless acres. While he only has a small place; it's become a home away from home for countless people along the line who found themselves in distress in Cleveland. I can enumerate many souls who have temporarily taken homestead at his home over the last almost 20 years.


Last night; one of my dearest friends agreed to take a ride to my father's house with me to drop off some needed parts and supplies. My beloved friend is a middle aged black man who has been welcome at our home since we became friends. When my mom passed away in 2006; he came down to my dad's to help with respite on tons of little things that had overwhelmed my dad for months. He lived with us and has been a frequent visitor since that period. When my dad was hospitalized; he came to provide care for the children while they attended school so that I could be at the hospital with my dad. Needless to say; we have adopted this friend as one of our own...and when my dad comes to Cleveland for visits to the hospital for appointments; this friend goes out of their way to come and see my dad.

After a long drive of almost 4 hours from Cleveland to the Heights to pick up this friend and then down south to my dad's home; we arrived at almost 2:00 AM. It was almost 3 AM by the time I "crashed" on the couch with my friend and his beautiful German Shephard dog next to us on the other couch in my dad's living room. It was like a slumber party once my daughter climbed up next to me to cuddle.

By 5:00 A.M the day was starting for my dad as he had to get the kids up for school as they get on the schoolbus by just after 6am. I slept through almost everything....Until around 11:30 AM when some Jehovah Witnesses showed up at the front door knocking which was just feet from where I lay sleeping. Notably; it was a black man and a white woman at the door which was exceptionally "OUT OF THE ORDINARY" in the middle of "NOWHERE". Yet, as my dad is the welcoming type; he invited them in to his humble home with a smile on his face.

My dad's mother participated in the Jehovah Witness prayer groups for years. So, I believe this was something enchanting for my dad. Soon, he was in at the dining room table, which is surrounded with his MANY HOLY BIBLES, debating the Bible... I am sure that this black man realized that my father was far beyond "Faithful" and surrounded by "God's Country" to no uncertain degrees. As I lay in the living room listening to dad challenge this Jehovah Witness to share his wisdom; the debate on religion became "moot" and the man soon realized that he was simply not going to change this old man's religous views this late in the game regarding the bible and faith. I am most certain that dad could have challenged him for days on views.....I think dad started off with going to Revelations and outlining the four horsemen; when he told the JW that he has always ridden the "pale horse" through life.

As my dad kindly followed the JW to the front door and then out to their car; he welcomed them back anytime for bible study.

A couple years ago; a similar group of JW's from Cleveland showed up at my house and became regulars. I am not a JW, but find in intriguing to learn their perspectives. They showed up right around the time my daughter's father died and it was almost a welcome visit.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"