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Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/26/2009 - 16:40.

Exquisite decay.

On Thanksgiving eve, a little over a year following the death of Ed Hauser - the primary community activist for preservation of the National Historic Landmark Dyer Coast Guard Station, on Whiskey Island - I went Hauser Way to photograph this best location in the nation, to share with you on Thanksgiving day. Enjoy.

Enjoy your day - more of this series of photos of the Coast Guard Station posted at

"We will demand that our leaders take us and this property serious and FIX IT" - "Citizen" Ed Hauser, May 26, 2006


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Deliberate decay in NEO

Maybe the Coast Guard Station needs a TIF...

A dream site

Even in a state of decay, the place is just awesome--so stately and dignified.  And yet it is also serene, and seems an ideal locale for meditative reflection.

It's all a testiment to its timeless design and function.


In photographing it I really appreciated the planning

If you look at the ABUNDANCE header you'll see how much the design is of a ship - like a tugboat sitting on the water - really cool from all angles.

I noticed, in the placement of the station on the jetty, when you look out the front door directly through the flagpole, in the center of the circle in front of the station, and beyond, there is a metal arch through which you are looking at Public Square - the exact center of downtown Cleveland. It was designed so they faced directly at those they served, even though a mile away... architects appreciated such sight lines and symbolism in planning back in Dyer's day.

Coast Guard Station view of downtown Cleveland

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