Homage to Sarah Palin ...

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Fri, 09/12/2008 - 10:49.
In a recent interview with some of Governor Palin's girl friends from Alaska it was mentioned that she does not like cats. I am thinking of starting an organization "Cat Lovers Against Palin" Sam, above, will be our mascot.
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Her only interest in animals is killing

She seems to have as black a heart as a human may have, killing innocent animals just to kill.

She made clear in her first TV interviews with Gibson she looks forward to lots of crusades, and killing millions of humans when she controls the red phone. And, she is a liar... I wouldn't put her IQ at 100.

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Can you assure us Evelyn that an actual cat was not painted in the name of a joke?

I know you picked this photo up somewhere on line or photo shop-ed it....but your readers may not realize it. I really think that it's better to just ignore Palin, who I consider a gimmick, not a fluffy distraction.

She is not stupid, but she is also not interested in promoting real equality in this country.

Can't ignore Palin

When the Republicans first picked Palin, I thought she may be smart and so she may be a viable choice so she may become President so I may need to ignore her. Then she talked directly from her brain to Charlie Gibson, last night, and I happened to hear some, and I realized she is a psychotic freak and in fact an idiot. So, like a similar fluff candidate from Bay Village being posed by Republican crooks as a viable candidtate for our County Commissioner, Palin is not a viable candidate for VP or President and cannot be ignored, for that reason. She is fraud - a con. Crush her, her family and her party boses to death, in every way possible, before she and her party bosses are able to do that to you instead. We are at war.

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