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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 11/29/2009 - 23:49.

karcher rotary nozzle parts photo image jeff buster 11.26.09When I drive I don’t listen to the radio, instead I occupy myself with trying to think through how things work, or could work.

The Karcher rotary pressure washing nozzle can keep your mind occupied for a lot of miles.  
It seems pretty simple, you see all the parts on lined paper in the image above, but is very complex.  Physics, forces, fluids, friction….
Then, if you think you understand the nozzle,  you can spend a lot more miles thinking about the mind that thought up this amazing invention.  

There are many forces acting in the nozzle - what kind of mind can "feel" the physics and design the parts of this tool so that each part works - high speed rotation, high pressures (1500psi) without coming into issues with other parts of the tool?  


Tip:  After several hundred hours of use the rotary tip stopped rotating.   If shock was applied, it would rotate for a few seconds, and then stop.  Long story short, my experience has been that if you take the nozzle apart, clean out any contamination which has entered any of its orfices, and apply axle grease liberallly, the nozzle will go back into full operation.  

This nozzle cleans about a 100xs better than a static, non rotating pressure washer nozzle. 

Explain why (on your next long drive)

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what does a karcher rotary nozzle have to do

with repairing a punctured tire? 

Direct Connection : trying to feel the physics

When your dog has been inside the house all day, and you know the animal's  bladder has to be ready to pop, you hurry home because you have empathy and can feel your dog's bladder - like you could feel your own (in bed at 3:00AM after a night of beers!)

I believe that you can exercise and train your mind to "feel" empathy with physics, chemistry, surveying, and all types of scientific exercises.

But it takes practice.

So with the tire patch you have to have a mind's eye view of the composite tensil fabric, rubber sidewall, (and how they interact) and with the Karcher nozzle you have to have a mind's eye view of the high speed fluid passing through the plastic/carbide orfice....and how the recoil from the force of the water leaving the nozzle reacts on the ball bearing and the green plastic cup.

This is a thought process similar to what every dancer uses to prepare for their dance, and every swimmer uses to prepare for their race.    

You have to run the whole thing through in your mind before hand...

It's fun!


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physic fun

 If you say so, Jeff. I imagine that this can be quite engrossing on a long trip.

Living in the inner city, I have had a lot of punctures, especially when nearby roofs are replaced. I have watched the repair work: find the puncture, pull out the nail, then stick a puncture tool into the puncture to ?make it larger?, cleaner? then a plug is inserted and the air replaced. The plug wears down even with the tire. Maybe I should buy the kit since I have watched the repairs so many times.

But I was looking forward to the next installment of teaching us how to repair punctures just in case there was a better way. I will stay tuned in just in case.....