Katie Holmes in "tremont" to shoot new movie: 'Miss Meadows' - its not another movie

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update exclusive: in tremont - update - i was told that another movie was shooting in tremont today  - its about an escaped  criminal hiding in a house on tremont ave. - and there were shooting scenes today -or could it be the same movie - update - the movie is called - toot a lou - and they have been shooting in tremont since - update - toot a lou is a code name for the movie "miss daisy" finaly the truth comes out -

as of 9 pm sunday august 11, 2013 there is about 10 production vechicles trailers - trucks -  lighting etc. are parked on tremont ave. at the side of  tremont school and w. 10th and kenilworth - with security offiicers walking around - so they must being doing some shooting starting on monday etc. at the the school and other places in tremont - as they were shooting in university cicle area on august 6-7 - also theres yellow signs stating "fpp" at the posts parking lot across from post 58 on professor ave. - these signs were used in other movies in cleveland - all you actors stand by - - sophia and guy

The small budget comedy "Miss Meadows," directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins and produced by Mark Johnson and Rob Carliner, started filming today in Cleveland's University Circle area. It is expected to be here for about a month.




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