Kevin Coughlin threatens suit over Scene Magazine sex story, Scene fires reporter

Submitted by Tim Russo on Tue, 04/14/2009 - 14:35.

An expose on Republican State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Kevin Coughlin was killed by Scene magazine in response to threats from Coughlin's lawyer, and resulted in the firing of the reporter today, James Renner.  Full story at my blog.

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Sad day. Wonder what this

Sad day. Wonder what this kind of threat means to even the big papers now that they're  in financial trouble.


  Will the Scene be required to purge their institutional memory of articles also written by James Renner?  Take a look, while it lasts.  This is a very sad time as we witness gross abuse of political power to what end?

Who owned James Renner before... and now?

A more interesting question is who owns those past years of James Renner's intellectual property. If he wanted to set up an archive, like Rodlo is doing, would he be able to include (charge for access) his content writen while at Scene... or does he start from scratch, and all his old intellectual property keeps selling ad revenue for the people who just fired him.

See how this intellectual property ownership stuff all works... or should?!

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Scene most likely owns content written by James Renner.  See New York Times versus Tasini.

It becomes harder and harder to verify historic details on events and cases as electronic access becomes fee-based and indexing/cataloguing of data and information is not happening in the face of electronic onslaught.  Microfilm is the only physical evidence of print editions and to access it you need to physically go to a library.  Electronic archives are confused offering and inconsistent.