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The proposed TWDC bylaws specify that the TWDC Board will appoint all voting
members of its committees, along with their chairpersons. At the TWDC Bylaws
Committee meeting last week, one of the reasons mentioned for this was to help
enable the TWDC to sacrifice of the welfare of selected neighborhoods for what
it perceives to be the greater good of Tremont. By appointing all committee
members and their leadership, the TWDC Board can prevent neighborhoods from
packing committees to prevent such actions.

For obvious reasons, commercial interests would like to have the section of
Professor between Starkweather and Jefferson become as commercial as the
business district north of Jefferson. This was illustrated by the recent
attempted hard sell of installing a Turkish drive-through restaurant between
Thurman and Professor within the aforementioned residential area. Other
neighborhoods may be similarly at risk.

When Sammy Catania told Thurman Street residents, during a meeting on this
proposal, that the whole neighborhood is going to change anyway, many long time
residents became active enough in the South of Jefferson Block Club for long
enough to become voting members, to prevent block club support for the proposal,
and to help vote in new block club leadership.

Last Thursday, the TWDC Economic Development and Long Range Planning Committee
decided to focus on the TWDC Strategic Investment Initiative at its next
meeting, Thursday, January 7, 2010 (as whatever it may be known as, if proposed
changes to the TWDC bylaws pass). IMHO, residents should have the right to
become full voting members of TWDC committees to protect their homes and quality
of life -- especially when TWDC plans may adversely affect them. The proposed
bylaws, among other things, block the right of residents to resist efforts to
commercialize and gentrify their neighborhoods.

Please join me in actively fighting the proposed TWDC bylaws.


Larry Cornett



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Mr. Cornett shared this

Mr. Cornett shared this information with TremontTruths after attending the by-law committee the other night.  He and I also talked at great length on the phone afterwards discussing a number of issues and concerns.  After mulling some of the matters over in my head, I decided to call my trusted friend Henry Senyak and kick around a few ideas just to see what he thought about some of the topics being proposed for change.

To my astonished and horrified dismay, I learned that he was no longer afforded the privilege of openly discussing the so called TWDC business with a non board member even though he had not broken any rules, trusts violated the by-laws or given away any trade secrets.  Apparently must have been read the riot act by his piers.

I have sat in on a number of meeting where Councilman Joe Cimperman strongly urged Henry to be the ambassador for Larry Cornett and other low income, minority residents and the leadership inside Tremont West.

Henry and I have worked together on a number of projects and he has assisted me as a technical support advisor on a couple of Plain Press Articles and I guess that by accepting a seat on the Board of Directors the dictorial powers have laid down the law and he can no longer be my friend.

Ain't that some crap.

You know what would serve those high and mighty swelled-headed arrogant S.O.B's just right?  If Councilman Joe Cimperman would walk his fine self in and just snatch away them dollars he doles out every year.

jerleen don't give up on henry - he is a male

jerleen don't give up on henry - he is a male- you are a female and you will surpass all of us males that are changing the world - you females and other species are our great teachers - henry has his own agenda and he won't sacrifice all his years of fighting for justice -

yogi and guy


 TWDC "leaders" are fast becoming delusional - reminding me of the leaders of Rome....

and guy - screw that sexist jargon... if thats your reasoning then women can all act like histrionic, irrational, manipulative bitches and blame it on our gender's stereotype... :0

Here's what get me, all they

Here's what get me, all they talk about is the "democratic way." What is so democratic about not "allowing" pier board members to discuss matters with non-board members?  We're all members of Tremont West and we're all members of this community. 

Where is the transparancy that was promised last year at the annual meeting?  There is more secrecy and hidden bullshit going on right now that ever.  They expect to re-work these by-laws and Articles of Incorporation and only give you little dibs and dabs of information and expect you to vote on them.  The articles of incorporation (Charter) is even worse.  This requires membership vote but they do not believe that the membership should have the right to review or discuss what the changes say. 

The fact that they are attempting to reconstruct the committees for the membership to be appointed by the board is an absolute atrocity.  This alone will completely filter out any resident participation and leave all the decisions making about what goes on in our community a dogmatic process.


No democracy then so why would you expect any now?


I'm wondering how TWDC will go about getting enough members to vote for the change?
Will they bribe them with food once more like at the annual meeting?
But wait there were not enough members at the annual meeting for a legal vote but they had one anyway…. Right??
No democracy then... So why would you expect any now?
I don’t mean to be harsh but TWDC is a corrupt Org.
You have to realign your thinking and continue on your path to do the right thing.
But stop expecting them to change because it’s only going to get worse.
Where does Joe Cimperman fit into all of this??
Is he part of the problem or the solution???
~Devil in disguise

Well Devil, The question of

Well Devil,

The question of quorum arose last night.  Elizabeth said that quorum would not be announced until just before the vote.   That created a bit of discussion since according to Tim Jenkins Tom Cook would be announced and Tim himself would be making a speech and then there would be discussions on the by-law voting - which means that the secretary would have to take notes.  How do you do all that without calling the meeting to order - and how do you call the meeting to order and conduct business - if there is no quorum?  Well, we all know that TWDC operates under the rules when it serves their purpose - and when it doesn't - then that's a different story.  Henry Senyak made it very clear and stated that he wanted it on the record that quorum should be the first item on the agenda.   I got the feeling that if it wasn't he might just walk right out. 

This whole ordeal has been rushed and put together without being well thought out that it is turning into a real debacle.  There were angry by-law committee members at the meeting last night, board member David Purpera got up and walked out, three board members did not show up, Karen Moss and Deane Malaker abstained from endorsing the by-law proposals.  Karen Moss supported us in saying that the whole mess had been rushed.  Every time somebody asked a question - Lynn Murray's answer was, "we had really long discussions about this."  Well so freakin' what - have some more long discussions - or better yet, have some short discussion, you might get further.

I know what I did see and that is a certain few people  looking for a boost up to the next rung on the ladder to a board seat. 


sounds like the idiots running the asylum

 well... i guess there are certain things we can be grateful for, Jerleen, don't you always be lookin' on the negative side!

1. a certain someone does not have a judicial seat. tHAt is a grace to our city as she obviously needs a brush up on ETHICS.

2. there's still a MENTION of "rules" at meetings. they could just go all anarchy and start wearing all black with those funny A's 

3. Henry is on the board.

4. TWDC is rapidly becoming a laughing stock


as for  - Where does Joe Cimperman fit into all of this??

silence or non-action is a form of complicity and he damn well KNOWS what is going on.

There were other aspects of

There were other aspects of the meeting and since I revealing all. I might as well say that even Lincoln Heights Block Club's golden boy Eric Russ who was elected to the board last year with so much promise and hope of changing things for the better - was sitting at the end of the table knee to knee with Lynn Murray and just seemed to be drooling everytime he commented or referenced anything to Professor Heyward.  He was clearly beguilled.  A prime example of how these young people can so easily be drawn into the web and not even see it coming.  I believe that there's got to be a way to find candidates for the board that have strong constitutions and enough backbone to stand long and strong against the powers that be.

Getting Henry on the Board was one step in that direction.  He keeps up with what is going on in the neighborhood, he actually does something, he knows what he's talking about and he cannot be swayed to rubber stamp shit.  I think he cleared that up last night and everybody got the message.