Lead scare in Paint Removal

Submitted by hotdigitalproof on Wed, 11/04/2009 - 13:51.

 So they think they can protect us with encapsulating the home and business's when the scrap or sandblast. Not, it's all the other chemicals that they put in for mildewcide..Arsenic, mercury, and anything that they found under the kitchen sink went into the paint..So Beware...
Don't eat anything that is grown near any house,,,Thanks

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Thanks for bringing that up

Lead in soil from many sources is a huge problem, where there are old buildings and other point and mobile sources, and few contractors seem to address this right - but other toxins from paint, pesticides, industry and years of human activity are found everywhere, and are not tested for in soil in most cases.

We encapsulated our yard with mulch and are building up with new organic matter.

We used low/no VOC products in renovating our house, and do not use chemicals in our cleaning or yard care.

I welcome any advice.

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Saddly we are still poisoning our homes and yards ...

You have to consider what people are using now too. Such as, did the former owner of the home use gallons of Roundup or other pesticides? And on the inside of the house, did they spray regularly for ants and spiders?

As for me, I prefer to live with a few weeds and bugs.