Madison Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102 from West 65th to West 117th....

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This ghosttown is right in the heart of Cleveland, Ohio along the Madison Avenue business district. The remnants that remain almost seem out of place in this neck of the woods. From West 65th Street where Madison stops now (As the access to West 58th Street has been stopped for years) to the edge of Lakewood on West 117th, Madison avenue is a deep reflection the blight that hit Cleveland, Ohio after 36 years of Community Development was used to empower our citizens... Instead of being vibrant and bustling with employees from local factories; business owners have vacated and left remnants of what once stood as a reminder of the changes in our city.

Barrooms that once were part of the afterhours crowd of local factories are now closed.

Corner stores where families once grabbed their milk and bread on their way home are now boarded up with graffitti artistically calling out gang names.

Restaurants that once fed hungry workers have been abandoned. Family Medical

Outpatient clinics have gone with the wind too.

Factories that once housed industry are closed and the families who once depended on these industries have moved out of the city for more work. The everchanging results of alleged community development through our City of Cleveland Department of Development appears at every intersection... Blistering blight has replaced booming businesses. If the City of Cleveland leadership had it to do all over again; how would they retain the hundreds of thousands of vested citizens that they have driven out?

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