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Thanks Tranche--well said. The irony is lost on most folks. Also, in today's paper--Sharon Broussard paints a gloomy portrait of the children doomed as "geographically challenged" for living in the City of Cleveland...twenty somethings become the thirty somethings with kids...if we provide demographically more realistic communities in the city, you retain these new families and the support network needed for young families--schools, churches, libraries, parks... in addition to the restaurants, arts, cultural and social events that attract an active demographic.


banneduser November 27, 2011 at 1:48PM


Please GIVE and GIVE generously to help the "geographically challenged." It has been statistically shown that there are so many people who are unhappy because they don't meet the accepted norm--so many of us are challenged with the wrong complexion, the wrong hair, the wrong height...but perhaps, most tragically of all--the wrong address.

Don't forget us at this time of year, folks. We need your help, before we kill each other...

banneduser November 27, 2011 at 1:50PM


But...then again...if you give me the money, I am just going to spend it on fast food and drugs...never mind.


bopdoowop November 27, 2011 at 10:13AM


"We tell them the world is great," Walker said. Yet even though Cleveland is improving, "they are still living in a Third World environment" of crime, joblessness and hopelessness."

Well who's fault is that? Let me guess. So tired of these sad song and dances. Let's start talking about the REAL causes of poverty in this city and our state and our country - all of them, from the welfare checks to corporate CEO's who conspire to throw people out of their homes with no remorse.

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