Michael Moore's Message to Barack Obama

Submitted by Eternity on Wed, 09/30/2009 - 20:18.

"This is not the time to desert us. This is not the time to be the representative for the private health insurance industry. We need you to stand up!"

and Dr. Cornell West

 about why he is obama's "Frederick Douglass" (read to the bottom, among other things)

Thanks for posting this Eternity - Michael Moore is said to have hit a home run with his new film.

Obama can do better...MUCH better

As always, Michael Moore calls it right.

Too, I am familiar with Dr. West, who btw has just recently released his memiors.  West  has long compared himself to Fredrick Douglass and other freedom fighters.  But what are you saying...about "read to the bottom...among other things'?  Please clarify. 


oh -

the interview is about his new release of his memoirs, but at the bottom of the transcript is where he specifically discusses his position on Obama. The info above provides backdrop to his statements (so don't skip it).


Most of Obama's policies are FOUL


Thanks for the clarification.  And yes, like me, Dr. West has always been a critical supporter of Barak Obama.  He said as much, when interviewing with Tavis Smiley and Charlie Rose; even before the President got elected.  

Michael Moore, Cornel West, Naomi Klein, Robert Sheerer and others are all right in their criticisms of the President.

Obama is not above reproach, but unfortunately many of his supporters think he he; declaring all who criticize "heritics" who hate the President.  And yet the reality is that Obama is out of touch with his base and many of his long time allies.

I mean, for instance, were you aware that Obama's physician of 22 years is a harsh critic of the Obama-Baucus health care plan.  His name is Dr. Sheiner and he has expressed his views on both CNN and Democracy Now!  And true to cowardly form, as the President does with most (all) of his who refuse to kiss his feet, he has thrown Dr. Sheiner under the bus--refusing to even meet with the guy.

What does it say about Obama's personality--character that he has thrown both his (longtime) former minister and his former doctor under the bus...to say nothing of Van Jones and his attacks on President Carter.

AND, while claiming to be a believer in the ways of Dr. King an Gandhi, Obama recently dissed those who would dare protest his beloved G20 in Pittsburg, saying that protesting "is not really going to make much of a difference."

Obama, a civil liberties lawyer and supposed "lefty", is on the record demoralizing protesting????????????

Where is the outrage?

American citizens were tortured in broad daylight with a new military "sound" weapon that causes bleeding to eardrums and Obama gives it the rubber stamp.  And yet I'm supposed to beleive that this is a man who is a defender of liberty?  I'm supposed to believe that in his heart -of- hearts, Obama cares about me?


But Eric Stoner gets it right on the President when he writes "Obama Is No FDR, Much Less Gandhi".

When I look to the White House I know what I see and I know what I smell.

It's foul.


nice analysis

I heard Dr. Sheiner's interview, it was excellent. He's obviously a man of great intellect and valuable experience.

I was ready to throw my heart into campaigning for Obama - until he was so disrespectful to his minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Obama is all about "teaching moments" but he missed this one to teach us white americans about the beautiful legacy of black american preachers and their rhetoric, hyperbole and flair. Their preaching is truly an art and one we white folks know very little about. Instead he humiliated Rev. Wright in order to save his own hide. That was when I removed myself from his website and although I voted for him in the primary and the general election, I did not campaign any more.

And yes, you are right, he has continued his disingenuity at the cost of his integrity.

I think what got shoved under the bus, so to speak, regarding the Pittsburgh G-20 scenario is the fact that our country is rapidly becoming a militarized police state. The incongruity of the military action in response to the relatively benign activity of the protestors is alarming. And of course, Obama fully supports this militarization.