More CCF money laundering

Submitted by mabeldog on Tue, 11/16/2021 - 17:42.
More CCF money laundering

So our tax exempt hallowed world famous"health" "care" "provider" who has laid down a comply by or be fired "mandate" of January 4th for ALL employees from the top to the bottom to be injected with a fake vaxxxine that doesn't work and endless boosters boosting the profit of the CCF AND the Pfizer Drug Cartel, has 2 "new" partners, according to this mailed-for-free postcard which presumably went to every single address in Cleveland and surrounding "burbs. Lutheran Hospital now proudly bears the sobriquet slash Lutheran. But more importantly from a sheer bloodless fianancially beneficial standpoint, tucked between Cleveland Clinic Main Campus and Akron General standing out like a giant puss filled sore is the Cleveland Clinic ABU DHABI.It might be difficult to get there on the Opportunity Corridor but it's a definitely a giant opportunity for CCF to rake in even more tax free $$$$$$$$$. Sort of in your face too.

. A giant fuck you in fact.

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