NABBED! Sean Tolbert: EDEN tenant held on $500,000 bond

EDEN tenant held on $500,000 bond for kidnapping and assault

Sean X Tolbert, wanted for kidnapping and felonious assault at his home 2901 Archwood unit 304 has been nabbed by the police! Using mysterious criteria, Sean Tolbert, at 18 YEARS OLD, was chosen OVER HUNDREDS OF HOMELESS VETERANS WITH PTSD for a totally free apartment courtesy of the taxpayer by the FRAUDULENTLY PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT EMERALD DEVELOPMENT AND ECONOMIC NETWORK.  

EDEN better not be caught doing an illegal self eviction as Sean Tolbert cools his jets in the Cuyahoga county jail, as they KNOW they need to follow proper Housing Court procedures. Or Sean could sue them. Plus Section 8 evictions are even more complex with layers of additional regulations. AND EDEN is also bound by a 20 year RESTRICTIVE covenant with HUD for the property.  EDEN is the Cuyahoga County LEADING authority on Section 8 because that's the ONLY kind of tenants they accept in their over 1500 fraudulently classified PROPERTY TAX EXEMPT "charitable" rental units. They are also very cognicent of Cleveland housing court regulations as they have dozens of pending evictions on the docket. But so far no eviction has been filed against Mr. Tolbert! But really why evict him. His rent is probably still being HUD Section 8.

But WAIT. How totally unbelievable! In the 30 days that have elapsed since Sean X Tolbert AND his fellow inmates-to-be, not yet named and arrested, ALL residing at the 2901 Archwood apartment building OWNED BY EDEN, beat their transgender neighbor unconscious, Mr. Tolbert has MOVED. He has BROKEN his Section 8 LEASE. While on the run from the popo, he was still able to sneak back into APT. 304 at 2901 Archwood Ave. where obviously the police would NEVER THINK of looking for him, to collect his valuables.  And of course return the key to EDEN, necessary FOR PROOF in eviction court of a tenant move-out. Under cover of darkness he loaded up his U-haul and WITH NO JOB and an outstanding FELONY WARRANT he was able to QUICKLY secure another apartment AND somehow come up with rent AND a security deposit and relocate to ....3554 EAST 118th Street. Can I see a show of hands from all those who actually BELIEVE that he moved there. Or is this perhaps a convenient way for EDEN, who is VERY familiar with skirting regulations, to avoid any further scrutiny of their sham organization. AND is EDEN still collecting TAX FREE Section 8 rent from HUD for unit 304?? Because you know, it's not like it would be against their principles. Since they don't have any.




Housing for generations of lead-poisoned kids

Like the boys on my street - not really beyond repair.  But, their so-called guardian makes sure they continue to qualify for the highest amount of disability available to them, by not sending them to school on a regular basis.  Future Sean Tolberts.  Both boys already have juvenile arrests.  The "parent" rents a house using Section 8.