Nearly empty MANDEL HALL

Submitted by mabeldog on Fri, 03/04/2022 - 10:19.
Nearly empty MANDEL HALL

The mini executive director who fine tuned his dictatorial skills in the police state north of the 49th parallel, and his never ending draconian "health" and "safety" measures is successfully driving away long time audiences in droves from our once great orchestra. Today is March 4 and the black dots in the photo represent available seats for TONIGHT'S concert. Monsieur Le Gremlin also drove away the one black person in a leadership position Mark Williams to the Toronto Symphony. Scoring $50 million from a money laundering criminal organization masquerading as a charity who needs audiences in Severance Hall? What is the endgame.

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Off key at the Cleveland Orchestra

The Cleveland Orchestra cannot survive in its present form with 25% PAYING audience at concerts at "Mandel" Hall. Maybe that's the goal of the miniature executive dicktator. With the $50 million from the Curly Larry and Moe Foundation the Gremlin can get rid of those union musicians And replace them with all virtual concerts with non union cyborgs performing accessible works like Best of Classical Piano and hits from TV musical themes. And Star Wars of COURSE. A virtual Arthur Fiedler at the podium. Just log on  with your Vaxxxxxine passport. And don't forget your masque. Big brutha is watching