not needing to detail yet

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not needing to detail yet

Surprise, this is still here..figured in the best interest of not slamming people it would be gone.

Yes Bill, I never bothered to mention that Evelyn saw the whole assault on Dean from the Russian. Not only did she see it, Evelyn

made out a signed affidavit about that. Even after Dean spent nearly 6 grand on an atty who said that he had a good case, he was advised that the way the court system is today, the pea deal would be a sure thing and he should take it. Years of wasted time/life in jail stood in the balance.

It is sad to say there are many who had been wasting away in jail for decades, only to then be free due to new things brought forth that showed they were not guilty. Wasted lives and a corrupt court system then needing to pay that person millions.

No thanks, it is too  much and now here we see more trash being heaped, by one who will not even answer your simple questions Bill, what is her name? What is she afraid of? People finding her employment is why she is carrying out this trash, or that indeed, if we researched her name there would be some skeletons in her life that could be twisted every which way but right.

With all the true problems the USA face, (I love my country but fear my inept government!! ) the spotlight should be on a few of those instead but nope, it is more fun for her to throw darts when it is not an even playing field. She is protected under her no name posts and refusal to answer anything about herself.

Bet no wonder, Betty

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