The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012

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The Ohio Medical Cannabis Act of 2012

A Unique Initiative: Real Progress for Patients

For the better part of a decade, advocates have attempted to pass bills in the Ohio General Assembly to provide Ohio's sick and dying citizens with safe access to medical marijuana (cannabis). However, when confronted by this issue, our state's elected leaders don't respond. While the effort to pass a bill in the statehouse is still being pursued, there is another way citizens can enact change.


If a group of citizens feel strongly that an issue has not properly been addressed by the Ohio General Assembly, they can propose an initiated constitutional amendment to the people for a statewide vote. This is the route we've decided to take, placing the issue before the voters on November 6, 2012.

The process of putting a public initiative on the ballot is not easy and will take many volunteers.

There are few issues in Ohio that have as much voter support as medical marijuana. With support topping 72% of registered voters, we are convinced that with your help, we can get this Amendment on the ballot. And when we do, it will pass!

Join the movement!  There are a number of ways to get involved. Peruse this site, join our list, volunteer, and tell your friends and neighbors.

Get ready for 2012. We will make this happen!

See what sets the OMCA apart from all other medical marijuana initiatives

Initiative Review and Comment Period

During this review and comment period, before we file it with the state, we ask you all to please read our initiative and Contact Us with your thoughts and suggestions.

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