Paying for Experience over Things-Labor Day 2016

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I rode my bike down to the Air Show yesterday - Labor Day 2016.  It was a beautiful day to see the diversity that is CLE.  

(And, instead of investigating the Land Bank and Cuyahoga County's mounting debt machine - Mark Naymik goes for the softball story attacking the water tax - featured in my photo above:



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My $11 day at the Air Show, Flats and St. Rocco Festival

I rode from Brooklyn Centre on Scranton through Tremont to Lorain Carnegie bridge to Downtown. I rode down East Ninth to the Rock Hall and Northcoast Harbor, where everyone else in CLE had the same idea - to watch the Air Show for FREE from the park.

Then, I rode through the East Bank Flats complex - which is sort of lovely, but also too seasonal. NOTE: Crop Rocks closed and Rascal Flats to open in Winter 2017 (really CLE?).  Flats East Bank is definitely not a place to go with a car.

I took the $2.00 Metroparks water taxi (credit card only) across the Cuyahoga River to west bank , which is now less exciting people-wise and dusty and industrial.  I checked out the Willow Street bridge, which looks like it does not allow bikes - and through Lakeview Terraces up to Fulton and the St. Rocco Festival for $4.00 lemonade and $5 ticket for Grand Prize raffle, listened to the cover band, and - then, made the  full circle back to Brooklyn Centre.  For the photo tour - see: