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Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 03/20/2011 - 17:31.

Dear Norm and Jeff--in the scope of things--you are the dualing forces here at REALNEO. 

Despite your bickering, we need options at this site that will improve the ability to post materials, without one individual, group or other monopolizing the content.

I would propose that as content is added in blog format--the author of said blog--should have control over comment options.  As in Facebook, authors of a post should have the option to delete comments posted to the blog entry or to close comments. 

If an author decides that s/he would like to open the post to comments, then s/he may decide to repost the blog to the forum option still available at this site and never fully realized. 

All parties at REALNEO should realize by now that they can delete their posts, if they feel that the intent of their content has been subverted by comments, but this is a drastic measure, not encouraged in the interest of free speech, since it currently deletes all content in the process.

We may also want to fully explain the following options with examples:

Blog entry
A blog is a regularly updated journal or diary made up of individual posts shown in reversed chronological order. Each member of the site may create and maintain a blog.
Book page
A book is a collaborative writing effort: users can collaborate writing the pages of the book, positioning the pages in the right order, and reviewing or modifying pages previously written. So when you have some information to share or when you read a page of the book and you didn't like it, or if you think a certain page could have been written better, you can do something about it.
An event is a story which can be given a start and end date, thus appearing in the events calendar.
Forum topic
Create a new topic for discussion in the forums.
An image (with thumbnail). This is ideal for publishing photographs or screenshots.
If you want to add a static page, like a contact page or an about page, use a page.
A poll is a multiple-choice question which visitors can vote on.
Stories are articles in their simplest form: they have a title, a teaser and a body, but can be extended by other modules. The teaser is part of the body too. Stories may be used as a personal blog or for news articles.

Just one person's opinion.  Signing out.



Missing the MEMO

  And while the bickering continues here at REALNEO--more folks are dying in Japan.

A friend, who works as an architect, said to me--why do we continue to miss the memo?  The EARTH is dying.  Low-lying coastal parts of the world need to be evacuated.  New Orleans, Florida, California, Seattle...which heavily populated U.S. region is next?

What are we doing to change our fate?


Common ground--always a good thing.



yes - mentioned that before

wars are going on and yet... the battles of some. And all the lies in the last post by dbra, whew....won't address them here either.

Question I do have tho, why is it dbra and truth b told/lily are the only ones that get large parts of their posts on the front page?

Why are they permitted to be the only ones to use up just sooooo much of the front page and not others? They get a small paragraph if that.

Also, I have mentioned highjacking threads by others is a real problem on here. I like your ideas on

Posting to REALNEO,  can I add to put in a spell check :) thanks, Betty