REAL Food -and the myth of Urban Agriculture

Submitted by lmcshane on Tue, 05/22/2012 - 07:28.

The re-imagining hype towards promoting local food, healthy living and reversing "food deserts" looks like a huge ruse to me (a tax strategy for land holding and covering up failed real estate investment schemes). Sure--it all sounds hunky-dory and idealistic, and there are some elements of the "vision" that have merit, but large-scale food production in NEO is not feasible. 

I am all for green living--not driving a car, walking to work, eating less meat and supporting local--but NEO is not designed to grow large amounts of food for feeding our locals, unless we plan on a diet of milk, cheese, fruit, nuts and livestock.  Look at the historic soil map:

Growing food is not some easy, "throw a plant in the ground and reap the harvest" production.  So, when do we stop fooling ourselves and start to change our lifestyles for REAL?

Gas guzzling

  When do we stop gas guzzling?  And, work towards green systems for the distribution of food?