Recording the Story of Northeast Ohio

Submitted by lmcshane on Sat, 12/29/2012 - 13:16.

REALNEO has been a difficult experiment, but I hope that a national organization, maybe even the Library of Congress, decides that it is a site worthy of preservation.  We are undergoing a difficult time in our world history as technology changes our perception of reality and changes how our society operates. I really wish that there was a better way of recording the zeitgeist of our times.  How many blogs and digital content will survive and be recorded as books preserve our stories?

Toxic thoughts

Our region is poisoned and polluted. Our people are brainwashed with toxic beliefs.

The real people are a brownfield experiment. 

Truth means crazy. Live in fear.


Aways Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

"Truth means crazy" is correct

 Everywhere everything is turned inside out and upside down and horribly dishonest.

For example:  

We are told that if the wealthy get wealthier, those living in poverty will be less impoverished - More wealth at the top means less poverty at the bottom!

We are told to "play" the lottery - for fun!  After taking high school math classes in statistics, probablilty, and civics.

We are told that  Supply and Demand governs pricing in our "open market" economy.

We are told More Guns = More Peace.

We are told Wider highways with more lanes = less traffic congestion.

We are told there is no global warming from oxidizing carbon removed from under our billions of years old geology.

We are tod that Universal Health Care = death panels.

And what/who is behind almost all of this insidious hypocrisy?

Corporations and -  in a deal with the Devil -  our pension income starved government representatives - local, municipal, state, and federal.

I have dozens more examples - but I gotta go to see a Brown's (or was it the Cavs?) replay my buddy got on wide screen! 

Honey, be a nice girl and bring me another Pabst will you?