Scot Rourke CV

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Scot Rourke CV

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Cuyahoga Corruption - Scot Rourke- Sharon Sobol Jordan cnx?


And - now an investigation of Sharon Sobol Jordan, One Community and the software company Hyland ensues:

NOTE: One Community CEO Lev Gonick bailed to an academic appointment in Arizona.



It looks like they are focusing on $200k a year and career frauderster Scot Rourke. Scot Rourke ripped off the city of Akron to the tune of almost $6m. It was openly known and documented by the Beacon Journal in 2013 but that didn't stop Budish from giving him a $200k job in 2015 where the biggest thing he did was a couple hundred thousand to a contractor to do his job. See article below.