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Submitted by sunsational on Sat, 07/31/2010 - 12:05.

 Vermiculture is a way of composting using earthworms to speed up the process. It is easily done as it takes only a small amount of room and creates no odor. As the worms digest the kitchen scraps, their castings (poop), is a rich fertilizer. Sounds like such a simple process. It also sounds like a great environmentally friendly process as well. This is essentially what Sansai Environmental Technologies does, only they taken it up step. They are the largest vermicomposter under roof in the world. With an earthworm population of over 60 million, Sansai is the 1st of its kind to reside in a major city. The technology that Sansai has developed is revolutionary. The best news is that Sansai is right here in Cleveland.

So why is there opposition, for something that will not only help revitalize Cleveland, our way of growing nutrient rich organic foods, and also help Mother Earth. Why are people so stuck in a past, that is no longer what is the reality of 2010 in Cleveland? I will tell you why. It is the over the hill, corrupt politician, who really needs to step down and allow the next generation to come on board and take Cleveland to the next level. A level that is much needed to bring back the businesses and people to Cleveland area. Change is good, and change is what is needed for everyone, including ourselves and Cleveland. If you agree, then show your support and follow Sansai on Facebook and Twitter


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