Social clubs and local power structure

Submitted by lmcshane on Fri, 04/30/2010 - 16:20.

Male social clubs dictate our political structure here in NEO. 

When I first moved back here in the nineties--I noticed that during lunch hour, fancy cars would be lined up along West 25th St. to catch the girlie shows and lunch at places like Monroe's Cabaret. The near west side also boasted a number of clubs were men would go to smoke, play cards, gamble and make deals. 

Where is that happening now NEO??

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CITY HALL & the County Administration Building

They have learned how to do it all right in front of us and GET AWAY WITH it!!!

After years of their systematic target enforcement, selective prosecution of the whistleblowers, and intimidation of the demographically disadvantaged-they took control. Moreover, after denegrating and disenfranchising the public at large in our city, they didn't need to hide behind closed doors anymore...unless it was at the millionaire clubs of CLUB CLEVELAND AND FLEX... Now they have the downtown corridors, Tremont, Detroit Shoreway and Cudell areas full of $10+/- per drink bars that only the high rollers can afford to enjoy....So, there's no need to hide behind doors in cheap bars...again, they can do business as usual in open environments....while laughing about how stupid the citizens of Northeast Ohio are for even trying to disrupt them.

After they have closed down all of the "working mens' bars" across town...they only allow the gentrified establishements to have the ability to run a bar... as the old bar owners fade come the quiet gentrified liquor establishments for the few who can afford things... who are able to be suttle about things and not disrupt the process of systematic abuses on the few privy folks who run this town! 

When a man can sit there and act like God, say and act absolutely indignant and have NO FEAR of the repercussions of his actions, you have to wonder how "connected" he is? At this point, I don't care anymore about those men who have played God on our population for generations... They are merely weasels... and may each of them be held accountable without reservation by the judge for the way their abuses have violated our community at large...

I pray that these indignant, corrupt folks who have gotten away with murder in our city and who continue to wear white collars-learn what it's like to be imprisoned into a life in shackles.

The Long Hangover

Maybe I am still out of my head, but I watched The Hangover yesterday and it seemed to sum up the problems we deal with in this country--gender issues, race issues, maturity issues, blame issues, responsibility, and consequences.

Every other word in the movie is an expletive and that in itself shows how low we have sunk in terms of language and our collective culture.  Also, of interest to me--the film closes with the digital photo evidence of the lost night--that will be deleted.  No worries. The truth will never be known.

Keep me posted

Jerleen--Thanks for the address on the teardown on Scranton. 

What do you know about Tesca on West 25th?  See above postings.