state of oklahoma dept. of veterans sends bill to del allen, 753 brayton cleveland, ohio - wrong address - its sophia & guy home

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oklahoma_veterans__sent_del_allen_bill_753_brayton_cleveland_1.jpgstate of oklahoma dept. of veterans affairs sends bill dated january 24, 2013 - to del allen, for james allen' - to 753 brayton ave., cleveland, ohio 44113 - its the wrong address - del allen, doen't live there - its guy templeton black and sophia honey yoga, guy's great service canine partner, home - guy opened the letter without looking at who it was addressed to - guy will  send the letter and bill back to the sender - guy is a united states armed forces veteran and is not being served by any veterans services - also guy is a community activist - journalist - pastor - of Quest, ministries - Quest, news service - since 1969 - could this be the shadow side of the veterans administration  - could this be nsa - could this be a computor - who could have sent this letter to our home - cheers - sophia and guy


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oklahoma_veterans__sent_del_allen_bill_753_brayton_cleveland_1.jpg178.75 KB
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