Perfect Week to stage ANNOUNCEMENT

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Perfect Week to stage ANNOUNCEMENT

NO one cares that Matt Zone used his political office (following Rokakis' playbook) to give himself $150K salary and a raise in the position at Western Reserve Land Conservancy, while also installing his loyal lap dog Jennifer Spencer, who typical of CDC employees, used her position at the CDC to get a sweet tax abatement on a property that went from the Cuyahoga County Land Bank>DSCDO>to a shady intermediary > w/o pulling the permits on the property needed to justify the abatement.  At one point, her house was devalued to $5500.


Transfer Date: 12/23/2016 11:13:00 AM
AF Number:
Parcel Deed Type Vol / Page Sales Amt Convey Fee Convey No Multiple Sale / No of Parcels
002-23-076 Quit Claim Deed / $5,500.00 $22.00 373269 0 / 1
Grantee(s) Grantor(s)
File Number:   1826290
Filing State:   Ohio (OH)
Filing Status:   Active
Filing Date:   December 24, 2008
Company Age:   11 Years, 10 Months
Registered Agent:    
Map Icon789-map-location-toolbar-selected [at] 3x [dot] png" style="width: 33px; height: 30px; display: block; border: none" /> spacer John L. Watson
9374 Canterbury Lane
Mentor, OH 44060
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Metroparks and contracts and WRLC

  The Metroparks works fast - and there are contracts that get approval.   As a taxpayer - I AM VERY concerned that Matt Zone will now be operating on behalf of  Western Reserve Land Conservancy for deals that involve transfer of Cuyahoga County Land Bank properties.  He knew about this conflict of interest when he recused on voting for his own future salary in  November 2019. 

Brookside Reservation

Rokakis' parting legacy after thieving now for over 40 years - Brookside Reservation, which he transferred to Metroparks in nineties (while Greek buddy Lou Tsipis controlled funds) will finally see the development in and around and promised connection to the City of Brooklyn.  I will probably never live to see it.  Brookside Reservation is also home to one of the City of Cleveland's Forestry divisions.  There is NO F$!#@#$ing reason for the City of Cleveland to PAY WRLC for managing the tree canopy.