Submitted by Keith Winston on Thu, 04/22/2010 - 11:29.

            Today I'm calling on all Preacher's, Deacons, Teachers, Parents, Reps, Dems, Prostitutes, Pimps, Players, Everyone. Listen!!! we must not let our Schools close. Our children are trying their best right there, you see them with their School clothes on going to School, they're trying. We just have to reach out to the ones that need what they never had, and don't know if anyone will ever give it to them. And that is LOVE, LISTENING, AND LEARNING. WE have to show them Love,  and that they can be loved, WE have to listen to them without interruption - you will be supprised at what they have to say or what they been through, or the pain some have been holding on for years with no one to trust enough to share it with, and what's on their hearts. And LEARN from our selfish mistakes. They're right there people!!!! WE have to reach out to them - don't be scared. Walk With GOD!!!! He will walk with you if you believe in Him. We owe this to the society, and world of our Children, and Grandchildren that have to live in when we're gone. I don't know about you, but I owe it to my Sons and Daughter, and the Children across America in pain and that are lost and need guidence. I don't care what color they are - they're our children.     PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!

                                                                                                                  I Love You!!!!!   TPG

For bridging the digital divide, THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

I'm glad to see my daughter reaching out to the world with realNEO and other technology - youth can't be silenced if they are wired.

Too many poor American children are not wired - don't have sufficient technology to escape the harm of the immediate world and find help from outside - I actually think there is great love in the world if people may find that and be found.

Increasingly, what is holding poor children back now is lack of fair access to equality in technology - poverty is disconnecting poor children from real knowledge, help and opportunity.

I'll certainly help fix our digital divide - I've been pushing that for around 10 years here, and feel those leaders of IT here who have been holding the community back for years have failed to serve citizens so miserably they can no longer stand in the way...

For bridging the digital divide, THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

That will change everything for our least-advantaged youth.

Disrupt IT


The Political Gangster

                               I agree norm and while you fix that part adults have to fix the other. Like myself that been out there and seen and heard enough to tell someone else, like a neighbor. Someone who knows what it's like and swept it under the rug, someone who has been on drugs and found hope, someone that has a daughter or son whom you haven't found out how to talk to about what you've been through. That's personal help. And with technology that we also need so badly, I believe we have a chance!!!!!


We shall depend on these kids for all our futures

One aspect of bridging the digital divide people don't realize is it creates lots of one-on-one virtual interaction, like we are having here, electronically, now, and lots of face-to-face interaction, like when we meet to discuss technology and learn programs. While it is possible to live and learn technology alone, in most cases IT is a life expanding social thing.

At your suggestion, I'm proposing to the teachers' union we may create a program whereby teachers being fired by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District may become part of an iTeach Tech Corp to interact with citizens of all ages to help them optimize information and technology in their lives.

Having some old lead poisoned priest who hates kids and technology interact with kids may cause the kids harm - having a trained, respectful, union teacher go to children's homes and help them learn how to do online research may show the child new pathways to a better future.

Going forward, we need to find solutions that recognize the shortcomings of the adults trying to raise these kids now, all the way to the top. I think the sooner we free kids with technology - make access to that a civil right - the sooner more kids may escape the adults who harm kids.

Perhaps other adults will learn from our smart children, and help the kids get the adults under control.

We shall depend on these kids for all our futures

Disrupt IT

Be a good example ...

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that as adults we are examples to the children all around us. We should all consider the little things we do. When we exhibit bad behavior kids are watching. Making good life style choices whether its eating healthy, treating others with respect or taking the time help a neighbor is a way of teaching the next generation. I see far too many adults who probably think they are good parents because they are not physically or verbally abusive to their kids but the next generation should excell not just survive.

Good point

The Political Gangster

                 That is a very good point Evelyn, that's what I'm talking about WE!!! and that's what it takes.

                                                                                                             THANK YOU!!!!!!!       

Parents-Modelling good behavior

  It' s crucial--thanks for making the point Evelyn.