Truth from Eric Jonathan Brewer

Submitted by mabeldog on Fri, 01/21/2022 - 15:53.
Truth from Eric Jonathan Brewer

 The classic response of an incompetent Democrat  "public official" to take zero responsibility and blame blame BLAME someone else. Man up this is a real job and SO FAR you're not up to it. 

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“Diversity” and “Inclusion” over competence and experience

So he "inherited" a broken system". That's bullshit because in the 16 years Frank Jackson was our REAL mayor there wasn't one single day where the RTA stopped running. Cleveland CAN"T wait while this mayor avoids all responsibility. What's that about the buck stopping.....Just like Dementia Joe Xiden. 

Our "mayor" has a meeting with seniors at Zelma George next week. A LOT of them have questions for our beauty pageant winner about his DISASTROUS FAILURE to get the streets cleared of snow. Seniors take the bus to doctors appointments. And the grocery store. And there WAS NO PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION for 2 days thanks to his TOTAL incompetence. Wonder if he'll cancel, asking for a friend.

Criminal incompetence

I most certainly agree with Mayor Brewer

All of the city’s snow removal equipment is not in use and that’s information Griffin must lead council to investigate as the new mayors lies obstruct the city’s official business.  Bibb’s statement should have read that only the “operable” equipment was in use.


Eric continues to be the only media person reporting - and while I voted for Bibb, even gave money to Bibb.  I don't condone this performance.  Because admin at REALNEO is not in communication - I post comments at Twitter.


Angelo Trivissono - Jeff S smart :)

Super smart dude - his wife works in Bibb's admin -  lucky for Cleveland to have him here.