Where in the World? with red ships

Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 08/05/2009 - 08:25.
Where in the World?   with red ships

A friend sent me some travel images, and I thought it would be fun for the Realneo audience to ID a few.   This one has red ships - where is it?  Photo courtesy SER.

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  Can't say...If not, Beirut, then some area in the Balkans? 

Do we win a prize? :)

Where is Header image?

Hello Laura,

Thanks for taking a stab at it.  Not Beirut or the Balkans. 

Think RED.  that's a tip.

Pretty soon there will be a Google App into which this image can be pasted and Google will search all internet images to find the closest comparables.   I found one today on Google images.  But the telephoto in this image was stronger than the Google Images selection.

Yes, there is a prize for the winner.  

I will visit them to congradulate them while they are at work!  (my usual visit)




Beirut was my exact thought when I saw the photo...

Then I thought about Vancouver Canada...but the flag is not a Canadian Flag comparable...more like the Japanese flag...

The factory in the background is similar to the museum  in Kyoto...

Just brainstorming here.... But, my guess is Japan! 

Does Japan have these?

Hello Angel14,

The port in the header image yesterday handles these. 

I'm thinking North Korea

So who live in all those apartments?

Disrupt IT

Red SEA? Or Red politics?

ok wiki list of sea ports is a cool move

This list is a brainstorm on your part.  I would never have thought Wikipedia would have such a thing. Props to them.  


I will look at the list.

Pacific anyway.

SER is the scra mbled handle of the image donor.

 Nothing more. 

Attention to color!


Gotta be in China

Where else would they build what looks like 100,000+ nearly identical housing units in what appears one majpr development cycle of not more than 20 years....

Something related to the new dam?

Disrupt IT

Closer, but too far south

Housing units for people that make sense. 

In NEO, our government uses our taxes to tear down housing.   Unique, individual housing that at one time made sense. 

It's our growth industy in NEO.  Demos.

At least some governments realize that housing shouldn't be slab on grade.  MORE with images tomorrow!@realneo!

Norm, you are being very perceptive!


----1st photo looks like

----1st photo looks like Hong Kong. Second photo is the same company that transported the USS Cole. Seems that they are carrying 2 Akula class Russian subs.
(this is the answer of a friend).

Akula port

This image is from Wikipedia.  

Your friend is correct about the Russian subs.  (BTW, what is the name/flag of the ship which is carrying the subs?)

The Realneo Banner image shows the very hilly, year around ice free,  Pacific home port of these subs.  

Home port is?

Transshelf Dutch Semi-Submersible Hvy Lifting Ship- BolshoiKamen

The Transshelf Dutch semi-submersible heavy-lifting ship with two discarded 'Shchuka' (Pike) class, nuclear-power submarines on board is anchored at Ussuri Bay on its way to Bolshoi Kamen, a military shipyard and a navy base near the Pacific port of Vladivostok, about 6,400 km (4,000 miles) east of Moscow, Friday, July 10, 2009. The two decommissioned Soviet built submarines arrived Friday from the Kamchatka Peninsula on board of Dutch heavy lifting vessel for subsequent utilization at the Far......
Gotta love it! And that's the story! 
Have a great day.....
This is the exact same photo and story, I take it? 
ANGELnWard14===============    : )

Port of Vladivostok

Bingo, Vladivostok, Russia

The hydraulic lift ship is amazing. 

Zvezda Shipyard, Bolshoi-Kamen, Russia (Sea of Japan)





The Zvezda Shipyard repairs Russian Navy nuclear-powered submarines.

Bolshoi Kamen on the Sea of Japan is a military town of 30-50,000 residents. it is located 12 miles northeast of Vladivostok across Lazurnaya Bay. Primorskii Krai lies in the southern part of the Russian Far East occupying 165,900 sq km along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Over 60% of the engineering sector in Primorsky Territory is engaged in the ship industry, the centers of which are Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Bolshoi Kamen and Slavyanka. Defence-oriented engineering production is being converted to manufacture of fishing vessels, refrigerated vessels, tankers and timber vessels.

The most dangerous environmental threat for Primorskiy Kray today is probably radioactive waste. The Russian Pacific Fleet and its arsenal, located in mainly in Vladivostok and nearby Russkiy Island, has both nuclear weapons, ship borne nuclear reactors, and radioactive waste. About 100 vessels list in the harbors around Vladivostok, and some 40 aging nuclear submarines are docked at Bolshoi Kamen.