Who has your back? Don't know, but Realneo makes an effort

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Who has your back?   Don't know, but Realneo makes an effort

Realneo banner image from LM - a beautiful image capture if I may say so....hat tip for the image, and even more tip for the effort behind the image.

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Ali Family-update

Thanks Lily for the update--I am glad that the Ali family is safe for now, but Plymouth Park now owns their house, which to me, seems criminal, when someone who went to high school with Jim Rokakis received a reprieve on his house...located down the street from the councilman on Mapledale...it is still in his possession (City of Cleveland dumpsters were provided for rehab), despite the effort by Plymouth Park to kick that property owner out of his house in trust under his mother. The family owned two properties in Brooklyn Centre and he let them go for over ten years with mounting liens on both properties.  The Archwood property and Mapledale property both had options by Plymouth Park to cash the liens.  The Archwood property transferred and only recently it looks as if it is going to get rehabbed by Tc3 properties. 

If I am wrong on any of the details here--the councilman is welcome to chime in.  We have yet to receive a newsletter or any communication on what is going on in the neighborhood--and I sure would like some positive news.  There are many good things--and I try to convey those stories here, too.


I hope the Ali family has been spared from eviction--I know that the photo above taken by Lily Miller has served to wake up the conscience of some of our political representatives...of course, their home is smack in the middle of TWDC's "Model Block" program...and "owned" by Plymouth Park.

(along with another property "owned" by a straw buyer/flipper, who devastated Brooklyn Centre and who somehow managed to get another home from HUD on Holmden Ave., after foreclosing at least five properties in Brooklyn Centre...see posts here)


BTW. I rode my bike through this area north of Metro and there are pockets of "Model Block" reinvestment, which appear NPI strategic.  There is a sign near Clover Court for a planned condominium development by JOS Development out of Solon with the number 216.544-4242 listed.


Ali family

Thank you, Jeff.

I did not see this post on the blog roll.

The Ali family is still safe, Laura. 

J P Morgan is attempting to clean up it's image with Plymouth Park Tax Services and is no longer buying delinquent tax liens for PR reasons.

If Plymouth Park decides to evict the Ali family or the other three families that I am still working with, I will create a PR nightmare for J P Morgan.  I will capture the eviction as I did with Freddie Doe and ask the world to share the blog across the country.

I check in often with all four victims and also check Cleveland Muni Court's website for new eviction filings weekly.  The victims also know to call me immediately if any representative from Plymouth Park attempts to make any contact with the families.



Plymouth Park Tax Services LLC

Will come back again....with a new name...it's a card shuffle.....


The saddest part of all is that our government is structured to do this business independently and to work cohesively with citizens.

Plymouth Park Tax Services acted as racketeers in collusion with local government officials to steer properties into their bidding process which they created the laws for with our tax money.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"