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This is the annual Archwood Street Fair of renown.* We've been having it for so many years now I have to ask somebody else when it all started--I think it was in 1980-something. Originally, we tried to sell a lot of rehab and restoration items as well as antiques, and that is still the basic purpose. It now also functions as a way for all of us to clean house, so it's taken on aspects of the huge neighborhood garage sale as well. Some of us who don't live on Archwood actually haul our stuff in the night before. The inventory is usually pretty good.

Further, some entrepreneurs now set up food stands and assorted flea market venues. It's a real melting pot...Open source. It's also ideal for bicycles and walking.

The stated hours are from 9 AM-6 PM on Saturday and 10 AM-5 PM on Sunday, and some people stay open a little longer, and some people wrap up early.

*(Description lifted from Tim Ferris?)

Ideally--this year will also feature some fun, spontaneous music and art events.  Stay tuned and bug us locals for more information.  Call me anytime and I will let you know what I know, so far, 216-623-6920--ask for Laura. 

****This weekend you can get a preview of our ultra-cool neighborhood by attending the Art House garage sale--Saturday, April 18th.****

Also, mark your calendars for our combined neighborhood All Access Tour Scheduled for July 18th--this year partnered with Walk and Roll Cleveland!

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Archwood Brooklyn Centre
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Brooklyn Centre Clean-up

 In preparation for the Archwood Street Fair--see this flyer and consider helping us gussy up the neighborhood :)

Pearl & Archwood Clean-up Day
Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Meet in the Brooklyn Centre Shopping Plaza parking lot
Bring your gloves, brooms, weed-wacker or lawn mower and community pride! We'll be sweeping sidewalks, picking up trash, removing grafitti and setting out the welcome mat for the Street Fair. Though concentrated along Pearl, we'll also be making a pass down Archwood and Denison to take care of high grass and other issues. Please join us!

Please contact Darren at dandjhamm at for any additional questions. Join us at the BCCA monthly meeting on Thursday, May 28, 6:30pm at Brooklyn Memorial for details on this and other exciting activities.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Fresh Fork Giveaway

I had the pleasure of meeting Trevor Clatterbuck of Fresh Fork Market and learned that he is going to be doing food for the event this weekend.  We hope to be able to come by to check it out.

He is the sponsor of my local weekly giveaway this week and is giving away a food bag from his CSA+ program on my site, Tricia's Dish, and it's totally free to sign up so please do.

Fresh stop

Darren and Johanna Hamm really go over and above on everything they do and they no doubt coordinated this--Johanna and volunteers provided a Fresh Stop for locally grown vegetables now three years running. 

We are so fortunate in this neighborhood to have their energy on these projects.  There will also be music on the steps of the Archwood UCC.  It's the church with the tall white steeple.  It should be a fun day for all.  I'll keep an eye out for you:)

dont forget CityFresh

 the original!

and non-profit! website here

They accept WIC and food stamps and support non-privileged citizens.