City Club: Stuart Muszynski, Author of "Searching for Values: A Grandmother, a Grandson and the Discovery of Goodness"

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A lifelong Cleveland
resident, Stuart Muszynski, cofounder and CEO of Project Love Remember
the Children Foundation, was a successful insurance executive until he
was struck with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 1992. His difficult
recovery and discovery of his family’s past in Poland is chronicled in
his book "Searching for Values: A Grandmother, a Grandson and the
Discovery of Goodness."

“Searching for Values� interweaves the story of Stuart’s journey
during his illness with the life and death choices his grandmother and
parents must make in order to survive each day after the Nazis invade
their native Poland. Eventually, his search leads him to Poland to meet
his family’s rescuers and their descendents and to discover the ways
the values of love and kindness inspired their heroic acts and gave
meaning to their lives. This process led Stuart and his wife Susan to
co-found Project Love in 1994.

Project Love empowers teens to create a culture of kindness, caring
and mutual respect in their schools and communities. Through seminar
programming, community-wide recognition events and nationally-televised
video programming, Project Love offers leadership training to middle
and high school students to enable them to achieve these goals.

Leonard Teski, the son of the primary rescuers who protected
Stuart’s grandmother and parents from the Nazis in Poland during WWII,
will also speak. He is an engineer employed by the Polish government, a
husband and father of two grown children, and a lifelong Warsaw


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