FRONT International

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 FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art is a citywide program of contemporary art and the expression of a two-year engagement by an international team of artists, curators, and scholars with the creative resources of Cleveland. In museum exhibitions and unconventional sites spread across the city, FRONT will be an expansive stage for local, national, and international artists to create and share new work that is inspired by and engaged with the most important social, political, cultural, and environmental issues of today.

The Triennial will be an important showcase for Northeast Ohio’s cultural resources, convening artists, curators, scholars, collectors, and art lovers around a city- and region-wide celebration of contemporary art. Powered by all of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio’s renowned visual arts institutions, the exhibition will be unique in the world for the scope of its collaboration.

The first edition of the planned Triennial has been titled An American City. The themes and ideas explored by artists will be authentically rooted in the spirit of Cleveland and the region while connecting our history and future to issues and ideas that are universal and global.

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