Treadway Creek Trail opening!

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Treadway Creek Greenway & Trail Opening

Come celebrate with your neighbors the opening of the new all-purpose trail in the Treadway Creek Greenway

Where:  Harmody Park, 1700 Mayview Avenue

When:    1:00 – 3:00 pm, Saturday, Dec. 1st

·         Hot chocolate, cider and pastries will be provided as well as limited golf cart tours of the two-third’s mile-long trail and 20 acre greenway/ravine.

·         Create neighborhood stewardship of the greenway and trail by signing-up to assist with periodic maintenance, environmental management and safety issues.

Note: The official opening of the trail will be scheduled for the spring of 2008 and will include City and State officials.  This neighborhood opening is intended to celebrate the completion of the $1.3 million project, promote the use of the trail and begin to organize community support for maintenance and safety issues for this new public amenity.  Call the Ward 15 Office for more info at 216-459-8400.

Project Partners and Supporters:  City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County Engineer; Councilman Brian Cummins, Ward 15; Councilman Kevin Kelley, Ward 16; Cuyahoga County Natural Resources Assistance Council; F. Buddie Contracting, Ltd.; Friends of Big Creek; Ohio Canal Corridor; Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation; Rhodes High School of Environmental Studies Schmidt Copeland Parker Stevens, State of Ohio Issue I - Clean Ohio Green Space Conservation Program.



1700 Mayview Ave 44109
Cleveland, OH
United States
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Directions to Treadway Creek

Of course, I work this Saturday, but I have already seen the trail and it is MAGNIFICENT.  Take I-176 Jennings Freeway--get off at Spring Rd. turn right or left to head due WEST.  Five streets down to your right, head NORTH (right) on Broadale Ave.  
View Larger Map" You will run right into the park. 

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I went to this opening on Saturday and was really impressed by the neighborhood around Harmody Park.  I took a long walk past dozens of modest bungalow sized homes without every passing a single boarded/vacant home.  This has to be one of the most intact neighborhoods in Cleveland.  Harmody Park is almost due south of W. 14 St. in Tremont.  That's one of the things that irks me a bit about Clevo, not a lot of number streets or even named streets continue throughout the city to help you orient yourself in a new location.  Anyway, I walked east on Mayview (towards Jennings) to where the road dead-ends and a sort of trail begins.  I believe the NEO Sewer District created the trail when they needed to run an new sewer pipe to connect the creek that was dammed for the construction of the Jennings Highway.  Damn shame that this had to be done.  However, it is a very interesting walk and I'd recommend it to anyone interested in urban infrastructure and the resulting effects on the environment.   I walked up the earthen dam until I could peer onto the Jennings, separated only by a wire fence that morphed into one of those funky concrete/brick walls that they are building all over NEO to mask the highway.  I walked along that fence, highway on my left, creek and ravine on my right for a 1/2 mile or so and ended up in someone's back yard!  They were a bit surprised but certainly friendly enough.  I ended up walking another 1/2 mile or so past more of the modest, yet charming, Old Brooklyn neighborhood before I got to Harmody Park.
This is a must visit as one can begin to see the potential that the spine of the TowPath and all it's connecting  vertebrae will soon unleash for Cleveland.  The 3/4 mile Treadway connector drops through a beautiful wooded ravine and ends up about 1000 ft from both Zelezniks Tavern and the Harvard Rd. terminus of the TowPath.  The path and connector are well signed for bikes (and walkers!)  An area plan created by Smith Parker Copeland Stevens showcased additional walk/bike/train (cuyahoga valley scenic railroad) connections in the neighborhood.  Last, Friends of Big Creek were there to showcase the big picture of the cuyahoga river and it's many tributaries.  Overall, great event with great people and a great neighborhood to boot!!

Treadway Creek Greenway & Trail

John and Imc,

Thanks for the detailed report and directions.  I will visit for a walk soon and get some photos.  

Trails and park amenities are where our tax monies are best spent:  developing a quality, connected, civic space. 

Not on a KennedyConCenter which is just legislated trickle-up economics for the wealthy.
Funny, trickle-down for the people who really need a fiscal boost is not legislated, but rather just a statistical suggestion...

Friends of Big Creek

Friends of Big Creek took some superb photos.  Just click on the posted photo above.  Thank you John for walking (?) from Tremont to the Treadway Creek trail.  I am glad you came away with a positive opinion of our community.  Treadway, the street, is also one of the best residential streets in the neighborhood.

Spring in the City

  For prospective home-buyers considering City Living, please visit this neighborhood.  Stay tuned for the official trail opening soon.  Benjamin Franklin School has been rated highly in the schools report and you can grow your own food at the extensive gardens behind the school.

Meanwhile, you can always reward yourself for a bike ride on Treadway Trail and the Towpath by whetting your whistle at Zeleznik's.  And, you will be at home.

Single track trail

  Today, I looked over the edge of the Brooklyn-Brighton bridge and saw a tell-tale MTB bike track along the hillside.   I imagine that there are quite a few angry young men (and women), who find their way to the Big Creek Valley-- which is okay by me.