1300 Gallery presents Bask, Tes One, and previews Assemble

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 06/02/2005 - 17:31.

launched another great show with a hip urban aesthetic Friday May 27th.
“Pound and a Bear Hug 2� features the work of artists Bask and Tes One. The
main gallery is filled with paintings (the majority) and mixed media works.
Several of the pieces make use of truly original supports. “Riding the Rails�
is a good example; created by Bask, it is made from five shabby vintage
suitcases hung on the gallery wall to form a semi rectangular surface for a
painting. A stick with a bandana tied at the one end -- like an old-fashioned hobo would carry - is positioned on top
of the suitcases.

and Tes One’s works are stylistically very similar. They both use spray paint,
stenciled forms, iconic animals and easily recognizable images from American
advertising. Brick red, gold and black dominate their palettes in this show. A
group of 24 paintings on wood panel by
both artists hung like a mural in one corner of the gallery illustrates the
harmonious way their style comes together. Priced in the $100.00- $200.00 range
many of these paintings sold opening night. The show continues through June 17th.

goers who came to “Pound and a Bear Hug 2� got a preview of Assemble Gallery
& Store
– a new retail venture at the 1300 warehouse building on West 78th
Street. Assemble will offer unique and custom made clothing and accessories,
cosmetic, fragrances and a variety of art related services. girlwithcamera [at] hotmail [dot] com">Photographer
Natalie Dale
is part of Assemble, as is Brian Kelly – formerly of Buzz Gallery.
Some of Kelly’s hip hop caricature prints were hanging Friday night. Witty and
whimsical handbags by There She Goes, were also already on display. The
official opening of Assemble is June 17th with a reception from 7pm
– 10pm.

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