Who will be the next president of Cleveland City Council?

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Good for you DWebb

You've figured out how to position your cause as today's popular content.  Now tell me this--who will Rick Nagin align with if he is elected to Cleveland City Council--Matt Zone or Martin Sweeney?  I can tell you without blinking that Brian is aligned with Matt Zone. 

So, you tell me?  I am not voting for anyone aligned with Martin Sweeney/Frank Jackson/Merle Gordon/ Emily Lipovan/Jim Rokakis/Kucinich/Frangos/Brancatelli*/GCP/NPI/SII/Cimperman/TWDC. 

Matt Zone may have his skeletons and Brian may have lost my respect with his NRP sellout, but I will take Zone's leadership in council any day--ANY day...over Martin Sweeney.  

*total F\*^*&^*ing-sell-out


 I had not noticed today popular content because I never do and, really, who cares? We agree on Sweeney without a doubt. The other stuff, the litany of names, partially to none, but then, no surprise there. You still have not said what the problem with Rokakis is all about. I like him. If there is something that is wrong with him, if he is corrupt, say it and why. Otherwise, it seems that what you are implying is the problem is that he is a county official and therefore, corrupt.


among this litany

 of Brancatelli/NPI, SII, is Matt Zone. He has close ties with it all. Just an observation, not a condemnation, mcshane.

Oh really

  How's that...Brancatelli and Zone...where's the connection?

buying Nagin’s vote

Sweeney is a box of rocks…is he just buying Nagin’s vote to keep the “council presidency seat”? He got so upset about comb over comment…somebody had to give him a paper bag to breath into. Dude nobody cares what type of underwear you wear…the hole thing is not under the rug even if you had a rug to hide it under.

Nagin is not favored to win…he came in second in the primary but based on the odd dispersion of the rest of the votes he could win the ward? That’s just not likely that he will though, tell Sweeney to stay way from the casinos if and when they come…

Sweeney’s support would not be genuine, it would be entirely political.

He may be afraid that Brian will get all the chicks at city hall, can’t have that.

thanks for making me laugh

 Oengus, this is so funny, the box of rocks. The only one shown to have taken money from Sweeney was Brian Cummins, funny in it own right, with others who support Cummins posing the question of did Nagin take money which is just speculation to cast poorly on Nagin until they realized that Cummins took the money and it is all just too funny. With the way the ward is set up, it is good for Nagin. Time will tell though how it all works out, and we can read those contributions reports. It is likely that Cummins would be persuaded to support Sweeney, he's that kind of guy, buyer beware.

Well that does and then also

Well that does and then also does not make more sense, I have to say that Brian tries, but he got smacked around on this site and really does not appreciate that...but believe he still follows it and he should.

They are all trapped in the goofy systems they use and abuse.

I believe that having two democrats running is odd or must be odd for the party to manage fairly. I have to wonder how legal the trading of campaign funds can be? If I donate to a candidates campaign I am not sure that I would want that money being handed over to another candidate in a different race. Read the fine print before you donate….

How about the Pope

 and add the Dalai Lama too so its Martin Sweeney/Frank Jackson/Merle Gordon/ EmilyLipovan/JimRokakis/Kucinich/Frangos/Brancatelli*/GCP/NPI/SII/Cimperman/TWDC/Pope/ Dalai Lama. Can't leave anyone out

Ask Kucinich


Ask the great one--Kucinich.  Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do have a problem with the Pope...and especially with the bishop. 

The Dalai Lama?...well, he's probably clean. 

you're showing your true colors, Laura


Suspected as much--thanks Kate

  Remeber to check where you post Kate...you drive traffic to each post with your comments...

what is the deal

what is the deal with popular content, traffic, etc? Laura, who really pays attention and how does it matter? Is there some sort of hidden agenda that users don't know about? I know that this was important to you when you asked why guy templeton had so many reads, but who cares (serious question here)? 

On this site it counts and

On this site it counts and then it dictates the list to the right based on that, as popular content.

But as for Templeton getting hits in the tens of thousands that’s an anomaly? His post always have links to their content and as were that content comes from…then this site is really well indexed on the search engines. It may be looping traffic? People have ways of linking into a topic and then getting feeds for that topic.

If you read an article and then create a feed on that topic….then obviously a near exact copy of that article posted on another site will or should come back to you. In fact if the indexing is based on free text searches and on matching words and alos on what is posted after the date of the original as in new content, it would be number one on the resulting list.

That’s my explanation, what is the duration of those hits? Do they then visit other pages on this server?

In the future the internet may simple delete copies automatically, I am sure the people that write orginal content would love that, unless all they care about is hit counts and mindless exsposure.   


hit counts

Thanks for the explanation. Is advertising a part of this? I am wondering why it can be important, and I can see it if the link is to another site that can dictate advertising cost based on the hits of a site.

I do not think that add

I do not think that add space can be sold on a small site, usually thats about a percentage of a sales that occurs by those that follow a placed add to another site and then make a purchase.   

You may be able to get something if you have allot of traffic but it would be pennies.

Media outlets are selling add space them selves, hit counts are so unreliable. They rely on a software to count them and that can be hacked.  

I hate advertising. 



high school

are we adults yet?  


  Connect the dots...Frangos, Rokakis/Kucinich, Cimperman, Gordon/Lipovan/Hoffman/Bruckman...you have lived here for godsakes.  I am tired of the incredulous bullshit around here.

I've asked twice

why Laura denigrates "Rokakis/Kucinich" and why she thinks they are corrupt.

no answer yet....

Yes, pray tell us, Laura. 

Yes, pray tell us, Laura.  Why do you have objection to Rokakis and Kucinich?  What did they do to irk you?  I would like to know. 

All one tangled mess

  Jackie--if I may be so informal--to answer your questions--there is a long history building to my mistrust of Rokakis and Kucinich-- please see:







You and anyone else are free to disagree with my conclusion--I do not trust the political games in this town.  Period.  I am finding it impossible to trust anyone...and at this point--like most voters, I am so fed up that I may consider not voting at all.

ok, I just wasted a 15 minute break

readng your links.

I'll ask a THIRD time - how do you implicate Kucinich?

If you don't understand

  Then--I can't change your mind Debra--peace out. 

I get it, mcshane

I connected your dots: apparently you must have high popular content (still don't know why but it will come), you throw out outrageous statements to inflame, provoke,  to gain readership, because controversy is hot, even when it is destructive, but you don't provide facts. So there we have it. I think that there is a name for this, but that will come also. Peace and all to you.


Take me out of the equation--post your own content and form allow readers to form their own opinions.  This is a forum.  You have your right to disagree with me, but I also have my right to vent here.  We have been subjected to a lot of gameplaying from folks who don't LIVE here anymore.   I don't have the ability to affect the quality of their life in the suburbs, but they have the ability to affect mine.  I would think you might be able to relate to that experience.  

Ignore my posts if you do not like them--and in turn, I may ignore yours, if I feel they do not merit a reply.  For example, I thought your post on giving Brian Cummins a map to Ward 14 did not merit a response, and I ignored it.  Let's just call it a day.  I think divide and conquer has been used on us enough. 


a prayer: may you find that any posting that I write to meet your above stated criteria and unworthy of a response and comment from you. 


 now THAT's fricking RUDE.

not to mention slanderous towards Kucinich... oKAY Ms. McShane - ya got nothin'

oh, come on mcshane

One does not lead to the other. You list some names that are so obvious then throw in others than you are not explaining and we are supposed to be naive enough to swallow as a lump?  I have been around long enough to not fall for that. Thanks anyway.

Right then

  You can play dumb...I have no problem with that..status quo around here.

I am not drinking

I am not drinking the Kool-aid.

Ask Rick

  Make it simple....is Sweeney underwriting his campaign??? You tell me.

the question

is yours. Call him and ask.  His number is on his website, I believe under "contact", you should find it there. 

Okay--I am waiting

  Ann/Rick--please make it clear here.  Let's not have any behind the curtain deals.  I don't need to ask Brian--I know his allegiance.  What's the deal?

Sweeney Support?

Won't be able to determine for sure until campaign finance reports are filed.  I heard this  from a credible source, one who has always been accurate in the past.  I asked Rick about his support of Sweeney  as Council President, if he should win.  He gave me a very good answer:  Said he could and would work with anyone, that he wasn't going into the position  with an agenda, further responding by asking me what I felt was wrong with Sweeney.  I was impressed with the way he handled my question. 

However, Brian has my vote because I KNOW for certain he will vote against Sweeney....that and other reasons.    Nagin is a good man - just not what Ward 14 needs at this time. 

Sorry, didn't understand the question re:  Dona Brady. 

Sweeney again

 So Marty Sweeney is elected to a new term as President of Cleveland CIty Council. Voting for him was Councilman Brian Cummins along with 17 other councilman. Zach Reed had the guts to not vote for Sweeney. Bet he did not take money from him for the recent campaign either.

and the true glory of

 Cummins' colors begin to unfold.....

Let's hold all of the

Let's hold all of the elected councilman accountable to the people.  Keep your eyes and ears open and make sure they are doing the right thing for the people they were elected to serve. 

Rick Nagin is exactly the

Rick Nagin is exactly the person that Ward14 needs right now.  We need someone who will work to make this neighborhood better because he cares about the neighborhood and he has respect for the people that live here.  And he is intelligent, well educated, and well spoken.  And to top it all off he listens to what the residents have to say. 

Dona Brady

 I have to ask, Kate, who in the Democratic Party garners enough of your respect to warrant Donna Brady seeking their endorsement should she seek Dimoria's position? Anyone?

I suppose she is the wildcard...

McShane's Question

The Democratic party is in shambles due to Dimora/Russo corruption.  Whether for ill or naught, you have to  pretty much play with everyone to win.  I know Dona has been talking to Precinct Committee people, the real grass root of the party and that's as it should be.  She's honest, no nonsense, hardworking.  I'd like to see her get a chance. 

Rick Nagin I don't know why

Rick Nagin

I don't know why skd0333 is spreading false rumors.  Marty Sweeney has not given or raised a penny for me, but has given my opponent $2000 according to his finance reports.  Dennis Kucinich lives in Cleveland, not the suburbs, and half of Ward 14 is in his district.  I also have the support of our State Senator Shirley Smith and State Rep. Mike Skindell who represents part of Ward 14.  I have close relations with these public officials and worked with them for many years.  I know I could count on them for help in Ward 14.

After four years in office my opponent does not have the support of a single public official, not a single member of Council.  He is considered an untrustworthy and erratic loner.  That's why they broke up and eliminated his ward.  He is not likely to get much cooperation from the Council or the Mayor if he should be elected and  could not deliver for the ward. After the 2010 census another reduction in Council is almost certain.  I would hate to see this ward broken up again.  Of course, my opponent has called for slashing Council to 11 members, which would have a devastating impact on representation and service.



Thank you Rick

Yes the 2010 census will result in further reduction and as this screen name had posted prior, what is referred to as Ward 14 will no doubt be further decimated.

Kinda reeks of the white and black members of City Council using the specially created "hispanic ward" as a kick ball.

And so far as a poster elsewhere who tells the story of Ward 15 and learning to live without council representation - as this screen name posted way back when - Ward 14 residents have had that reality ever since Helen Smith left.

Cummings vs Nagin.  Cummings is predicted to win, though as of the primary, only Nagin seemed to have managed to walk the entire ward and ask each voter for their vote.    

So far as the couple posters here who continually and repeatedly attacked any posts by this screen name and attempt to turn personal in their attacks of the screen name known as bj, as stated prior: this is a compilation of several individuals.

Hence why we state that only Nagin managed to ask everyone in Ward 14 for their vote.  Based upon our experience, various addresses and neighborhood involvement he is the only candidate running we'd all heard from personally.  This perception that only Nagin asked is not because there is any political leanings here (and we are in a Nagin vacuum), but because we are residents who participate in our community and share our experiences with each other.  This is what we have observed these past few months.





ps Norm

 We appreciate your and Jeff's efforts in providing this site.

The comment about forgery some time back was not directed at you or suggesting that there is anything un-real about what you have set up here.

That comment was a bit of venting over the on-going personalized attacks against this screen name that have no grounding in anything real.  That cacophony potentially make this screen name posting here somewhat useless as some screen names seem to think that personal attacks and misinformation is the way in which to win people over to their side. 

Which is not dissimilar to Henry Senyak having a letter with his name forged on it trying to attribute words and action to him that were not his.

Was simply noting that the activity of trying to attribute words and actions to individuals that are not theirs at times seem to be facilitated by the internet.  One need not take the time to create a letter and put it in the mail.  

Nonetheless maintaining a couple for blogs ourselves we know how time consuming maintaining them can be.

Thank you for your efforts.

Kate, Sweeney's $$

 I think that you need to explain yourself, Kate, as Nagin has said that he has not taken any money from Sweeney or any councilperson as you has posted Monday night.

speaking from experience

I have had to privelage of living in both ward 14 and 15.  I grew up in 14 and now raise my children in 15.  I have had the experience of working with both Rick and Brian.  I will tell my experience of the last 4 years in ward 15.  If any of you have travelled down Valley road you would notice a street closed.  This project was supposed to be 1 and half years.  It turned into 5 years.  Very little city services, police protection, snow plows etc.  Our councilman was aware of the situation but did not communicate any of his efforts to resolve it to the residents on the street.  Four days before Christmas our power lines caught on fire, blew out all the electronics and appliances to 7 houses on the street (no heat on a -5 degree night).  Again our councilman was aware, came to the neighborhood meeting, never heard from him again.  He speaks of the safety and security of our parks.  I ask that each person take their child to Harmony park.  You won't stay long due to the trouble that happens there.  I am within walking distance and won't take my kids.  The lovely bike trails.  Take a walk down there.  Notice the wonderful grafitti, ruined benches and gangs of teenagers that congregate.  Take your kids, I don't take mine and its at the end of the street.  All these great places to go, but most people don't use them because they are scared.  Wonderful security!!!!  I lived on a street that was fine, but due to the construction we have had numerous sinkholes.  The aprons of our driveways are ruined I was told I had to replace it, I had to junk a car due to hitting one of these holes.  Called my councilman and was told our street was not on the list for repaving.

I requested the assistance of my councilman when I was trying to get a special transfer for my children for school.  Had to leave a message.  I called Rick and got some good, sound advice, used it and my kids were in their school.  Heard from my councilman 4 days after school started, problem was already solved.  Our street sign was taken down due to the construction, noone could find our street.  Numerous phone calls to our councilman, no response at first but finally told we couldn't have one.  I called Rick, had the street sign name within 24 hours.

Take it for what is worth, but I have lived the experience.  I have learned not  to go to my councilman, I call Rick because I get a response!!!  Funny thing, he's not even my councilman.

Our ward was broken up.  I'm not upset, just means we get a new councilman.  Good Luck to all you people in ward 14, think about your choice.  Ward 15 is moving up!!!

speaking from experience

You are not alone. My mother lives in current 15, soon to be 14. They haven't seen Cummins since he ran in 15 fours years ago. The street, sidewalks and tree lawn were torn up over the last winter for new lines. Sidewalks went in but the tree lawns were just heaps of dirt and the street was in bad shape. Spring came, and no help was to be found. Repeated calls to Cummins for help or at least a voice went unanswered. Finally, neighbors leveled their tree lawns and planted grass, or hired landscapers. The street was patched after many calls to the Streets Department.  There are a lot of seniors on the street. To not even return a call once to one of these neighbors is inexcusable.