VIDEO: proposal to develop an arts and music expo for local artists

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 11/09/2005 - 10:28.

This "Storm the Palace" participant in an "Arts and Culture" world cafe discusses his proposal to develop an arts and music expo for local artists, which would help artists broaden their exposure and help all people from Northeast Ohio experience diverse local culture.

This video requires Quicktime which can be downloaded for free.

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Like 6th Street in Austin meets Ingenuity Fest

This is a great idea - Ingenuity Fest created some of these dynamics - what is described also makes me think of 6th Street in Austin, where the marketplace has created a similar experience... there are so many bars competing in just a few blocks that they all have live music every night, so you go from blues to ska to metal just by walking door to door. So what would a sustainable model for such an experience look like in Cleveland?

Perhaps the Flats offers a venue - plenty of space - history of drawing huge crowds - if the community focused on something like this instead for a tent full of poker players... such big ideas can succeed.