REALNEO, Claes and Evelyn, make Cleveland Magazine this month, at Gallery U-Haul

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 07/04/2007 - 13:45.

I've appreciated having Cleveland Magazine pick up some of my photos from REALNEO for publication in their print edition - last time featuring the Van Duzer show at Convivium and this month featuring Gallery U-Haul, and my wife Evelyn and son Claes, at the April 11, 2007 Tremont Art Walk... I look forward to seeing you at Patsy Kline's homeless gallery at the July 13 Tremont Art Walk, where she will hold a Gas Money Garage Sale.

Art for the Long Haul

Douglas Trattner

Each month, Patsy Kline headed to the local U-Haul lot where she plunked down a deposit for a 17-foot moving truck, promising to return it no later than noon the next day. Finally, a U-Haul employee asked, “Just how many times you gonna move, anyway?”

Patsy Kline wasn’t preoccupied with moving; she’s preoccupied with art. After shuttering her Gallery Ü Cleveland, located inside the Colonial Marketplace for three years, the Cleveland Institute of Art graduate suddenly found herself with art to show but no place to show it. So she took her act on the open road, exhibiting out of the back of a rented truck. And in so doing, Gallery ü became Gallery ühaul.

“When I made the decision to close Gallery ü, it was devastating,” Kline recalls. “I went from having a gallery space to having nothing. It felt like I was homeless. The U-Haul project began as a commentary about those feelings.”

Gallery ühaul can be seen this summer as part of the Tremont ArtWalk, which is held on the second Friday of each month. The purpose of this mobile art gallery is not to sell art, says Kline, “but to bring people together to experience and question art.” Her interactive autobiographical installations have focused on such topics as “moving on” and Kline’s personal attachment to her matrimonial bed.

“I’m not the first person to put art in the back of a truck,” Kline admits, “but I have my personal story to go along with it. And the response has been phenomenal.”

Kline says that apart from the unconventional setting, little else has changed about the way she approaches art. It’s just that these days, instead of paying rent on a gallery, she’s paying mileage on a moving truck.

Garage-sale gas-money gallery greenhorn

I'd like to be one of the first to jump aboard and request participation in the Gas Money Gala... what an oppotunity for starving artists or artist-technologists to showcase pieces, divest themselves of revenue generating waste, and partake in a particularly posh-poor party.  I'm in!

You'll have to plan your own...

This is Gallery U-Haul's event, but you could set up your own gallery - or perhaps invite Gallery U-Haul to Ingenuity

Disrupt IT

my mistake

ooops - will do - thanks!  I was hhoping some of our East Cleveland and Ingenuity work could be further promoted and showcased - Norm,  look forward to including your beautiful EC storyboards on the Star Complex transforming and radiating sustainable economic development outcomes.