Cleveland Club of Washington D.C. Meeting with Senator Sherrod Brown

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 09/16/2007 - 05:01.
09/20/2007 - 08:30
09/20/2007 - 09:30

To register for this meeting with Senator Brown in the Russell Senate Office Building, email Brooke Stoddard at brookecstoddard [at] cs [dot] com.

Committees and Subcommittees that Senator Brown serves on are:
Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry
Subcommittee on Energy, Science and Technology
Subcommittee on Nutrition & Food Assistance
Subcommittee on Production, Income Protection & Price Support
Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs
Subcommittee on Economic Policy
Subcommittee on Security & International Trade
Health, Education, Labor & Pensions
Subcommittee on Employment & Workplace Safety
Subcommittee on Retirement & Aging
Veterans' Affairs

For Senator Brown's legislation and views on issues, visit his website at

Also: The Cleveland Orchestra will be performing at the Kennedy Center on October 15. We'll be sending out more information.

Remember the Club's other two dates: November 1 from 6 to 9 PM at the Slovenian Embassy; and
November 15 at lunchtime with ClevelandPlus.

Also, dare I say it now, we might begin to think about where in the Metro area Club members could gather to watch the post-season Indians games.


Russell Senate Office Building Washington, DC
United States

this seems backwards

I'm thinking that we should not be traveling to Washington to see Sherrod about the issues. He should be coming back to the constituency, telling what he is thinking, asking whether that comports with what is going on back here at the home front. We sent him to Washington to represent us; we shouldn't be sending ourselves, too. There's a certain point at which all this sending of people to DC will become redundant.

The public service, the service to the public, needs to be constituent-centric, back here. We have concentrated way too much in Washington as it is--we need to bring the dialogue, the time spent, the meetings, the money, the lobbying efforts, all back home. We should not have to make a pilgrimage to get things done.

The very idea of a Cleveland Club in Washington, DC, is perverse; it's as though the club has positioned itself as just another lobbying effort. We're more than that.

The expenditures required to maintain a Cleveland Club in Washington, DC, need to be reallocated to maintain a place in Cleveland where Sherrod can have scheduled constituency briefings. I think that's much more efficient, keeps the spending local, and also uses local assets for the facility.

The money and power concentrated around Washington, and Columbus, needs to be dispersed and brought back home. How did we ever get things so backward?

City Club

At the very least, walk Brooke Stoddard through the steps to post for himself and encourage the City Club to also post their events here (you were going to do it for them, but why? You can't do everything Norm). 

It's easy people. Don't be afraid.  No one will laugh at you.  We are all technoklutzes here.  We need to see more faces and voices here at RealNEO.  Thanks Norm.

Cleveland Club of Washington, DC

Hey, don't attack Brooke and the Cleveland Club of Washington, DC... an old, all volunteer Cleveland booster organization... they do great activities to connect X-neos with home, like getting together for sports events and the symphony and meeting peoplde with local roots, like Sherrod. I'm actually thinking of driving to  DC for this because it would be a cool context to meet Sherrod.

Anyways, Brooke is the President and does a great job. I actually designed, built and host the Cleveland Club Drupal site and have for about a year now and Brooke does an excellent job of posting and maintaining the site and content there - I was just thinking how he has done the best job of using Drupal, without any thenical background, of anyone I know... and I posted this event as a celebration of his success.

Anyone want to drive to DC for this breakfast with Sherrod?

Disrupt IT


Norm, I'm just thinking we need to reverse the flow on the travel, on the time, and on the money. Because we've allowed this booster behavior, since 1957, to give the elected officials the illusion that they're keeping in touch with the constituency is no reason to call for a "hands off" policy now on commentary.

I'm thinking the booster club ought to be right here, on the home front, so more can be members. If only a select few can make the pilgrimage to DC, then representation is skewed.