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pole down, lights out

Gloria Ferris's Blog - Sun, 12/04/2016 - 07:24

This morning, around 3:20, our power went out. A call to CEI told us that it was due to a car accident. A look out the front door validated that—there was a large cluster of emergency vehicles two blocks to the east of us on Denison Avenue.

Yesterday, December 3rd, was the birthday of Newton D. Baker. In the early 1900s, when he was the 37th mayor of Cleveland, he advocated that utilities be put underground on the streets or run above ground on utility alleys. Despite having passed legislation to effect this, the poles remain above ground in Cleveland.

Today, we depend more than ever on our electric power and our cable systems—strung on poles and fully exposed on our streets–to conduct our daily personal affairs; some of us rely on these utilities to make a living. Isn’t it time we limited our vulnerabilities and put the wires underground?

As an afterthought, when mature trees are no longer butchered to serve the interests of the utility companies, do you think that might improve the density of the canopy in a place that really can’t claim the name “Forest City” any more? Might we dare plant big trees again, something more robust than the honey locust?

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Behind the Romney play 

Writes Like She Talks - Thu, 12/01/2016 - 23:40
There are probably ten or twenty books-worth of articles now in existence that speculate as to why Donald Trump does anything he does. But I find the speculation around why Trump keeps doing a do-si-do with Mitt Romney to be some of the most intriguing. Chris Cillizza in the Washington Post, Frank Bruni in the…
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On Flag Burning

Writes Like She Talks - Wed, 11/30/2016 - 12:32
In the Spring of 1982, no longer a Chinese major or a freshman, I began to finish off the liberal arts requirements at my new college within the same university. I was particularly taken in by Introduction to Sociology and Father Chris Johnson. He often paced and penetrated into the aisles during his lectures, gesticulating…
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Trump to go on adoration bender

Writes Like She Talks - Tue, 11/29/2016 - 13:27
To distract from other distractions, President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team announced today that Mr. Trump would go on a “thank you tour”. It reportedly will start in Ohio on Thursday. Of course, a “massive rally” is planned. It’s never been too early to see the method in Donald Trump’s madness. And it’s necessary if we’re…
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How do you solve a problem like the Donald?

Writes Like She Talks - Tue, 11/29/2016 - 00:26
Donald Trump went on yet another Twitter tirade Sunday. For anyone keeping track, there was this one and this one in July, this one in September, a mini one in October during the Veep debate, this one about “Hamilton” earlier this month and then this one barely a week ago – oh wait, that was…
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Doubting Donald’s greatness? Tempt Donald’s tweets.

Writes Like She Talks - Sun, 11/27/2016 - 19:50
People with grandiose and fabricated realities will do everything and anything they can to keep that reality in place. If you want to understand what Donald Trump says, when he says it and why he says it, this is the only lens you need for doing so. Trump’s tirade (based entirely in falsehood) against the…
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In Trump do not trust

Writes Like She Talks - Sat, 11/26/2016 - 00:58
Do not trust Donald Trump, unless you want to be disappointed, repeatedly. Not because he lies. Not because he exaggerates. Not because he has evil intent. But because he will always put himself first. In Donald Trump’s case, putting oneself first isn’t the common notion we have about doing what is in one’s best interest.…
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Counting Blessings on Thanksgiving

Gloria Ferris's Blog - Thu, 11/24/2016 - 16:13


Happy Thanksgiving!

My dad taught me early in life to count my blessings. So, on this day of Thanksgiving, I think it is quite appropriate to remember one of the boys in his life that he considered one of his “sons” and many of the others who were dear to his heart.

Today is my cousin Donnie Evans’ birthday-November 24, 1958. I still remember the day that his mom and dad brought him home from the hospital. My memory believes it was Thanksgiving Day, but sometimes, my memories have a way of evolving into a bit better story, so I may be off a day or two. He was such a precious little treasure.

He would be fifty-eight today. But you see, time stopped for Donnie on October 27, 2015. Tim and I travelled to Missouri and I will forever be thankful that he suggested it. I reconnected with some people that I had not seen for too long. My dad and Donnie too was there when we visited Mackie the concrete goose and picked pecans while birds and squirrels watched us plunder their winter food supply.

Louie, true to form, filled the pocket of my vest with pecans and told me to plant them in Cleveland just at the depth of squirrel would.  I shared them with friends who are hikers and bird watchers asking them to plant them on their walks. I keep some for myself and planted them in some favorite spots. There is one nestled in my plaster fox curled up to my left as I write this post. 

Strange how with family the years just melt away when you are together,  and it always seems just like yesterday when last you saw them.  That trip to say “Godspeed” to my cousin will remain in my heart forever. His funeral gave me the opportunity to spend time with my cousins who for years when I was young  I saw them at least once a week, but hadn’t seen them in too many years.

Tim told me on the way home as we travelled on the Santa Fe trail that he had learned more about why I am who I am than he ever thought he would. He told me now I understand your love of nature and the woods a bit better because so do your cousins. It is in your blood.  Yep!

Louie and Chuck were more like big brothers to me than cousins. My aunt lived next door and they would pop into Mom’s kitchen almost every day to see what Aunt Virginia was cooking. Jim and Jane Ellen did not make the trip but they were with us in spirit and their names were mentioned often during the stories shared.

Connecting to Julia and Larry as adults was a moment that seemed so surreal. Again, I had spent many days when I was young with them because they would stay the weekend with their uncle Harry and Aunt Virginia, my parents. Now, here they were with kids of their own grown, attending college, starting families, it was enough to boggle my mind.

And then there was Courtney chronicling events with her camera. Why do I think that someday somehow, we will all end up as characters in a book? Julia is so proud of her child, and so she should be, the girl is a treasure.

And Julia, is my Aunt Dadie personified one more time. She couldn’t look more like her if she tried. She is a strong, independent woman who means what she says and says what she means. Giving her mother Annie a hug was one of the best moments of the trip.

Alma is such a sweetheart and I am so glad my cousin has her in his life. She is a free spirit and enjoys life so much. Leesa fits in with “the boys” and her pink camouflage kind of says it all.

On this day, when we count our blessings I am so glad for my family. My parents made sure that both sides of my family became “our family” and to this day, they all remain so important to me.

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Flame wars are back

Writes Like She Talks - Thu, 11/24/2016 - 01:11
Back in the day, when one blog would go after another blog, we called it a flame war. Why we did it? Who can say. We were picked on so often by so many non-blogs, it hardly seemed productive to pick on each other. But mostly it was tied to legitimacy and eyeballs. At least…
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Toni Morrison on losing privilege

Writes Like She Talks - Tue, 11/22/2016 - 09:51
The allocation of finite resources. It is at the bottom of everything, or at least so much. Including how we have notions of race and privilege. It is what makes the phrase, “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” sound so benign except, for some, for its connection to Karl…
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Election pep talk

Writes Like She Talks - Mon, 11/21/2016 - 10:19
Back in September, I got a request to speak to elementary and middle school students at a local Jewish day school as part of a day of election events held on election day itself. I’d asked in advance for an idea of what they’d like me to address and I thought publishing those remarks here…
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George Nemeth (1968-2016)

Writes Like She Talks - Sun, 11/20/2016 - 12:21
The word “BLOG” is at the center of this image but it should be “George”. George Nemeth was the hub of Northeast Ohio blogging during its formative years and heyday. If you don’t recognize his name or face, maybe you’ve heard of Brewed Fresh Daily (BFD) or Meet the Bloggers (MTB). George died unexpectedly just…
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Slack vs IRC

Jeremy Smith's blog - Sun, 08/28/2016 - 15:04
I was looking for a technical-ish discussion on the differences between IRC and Slack, and I found this thread on...

Predicting Microformats/RDFa's Future

Jeremy Smith's blog - Sun, 08/28/2016 - 15:04
I have no comment on this. I just wanted a placeholder to mark the date. From Sam Ruby: Microdata: [Microformats...

Available Toolset Assumptions

Jeremy Smith's blog - Sun, 08/28/2016 - 15:04
Flash vs. Silverlight: What Suits Your Needs Best?: You're doin' it wrong...

Students, builders, museum trustees hear about the leading green buildings in the world

Green City Blue Lake - Fri, 10/19/2012 - 10:05

The Bullitt Center in Seattle has been called the greenest building in the world. Its developer, Chris Rogers of Point32, credits the Bullitt Foundation, which subscribed to the Living Building Challenge, a paradigm shifting green building process that Rogers says, "goes way beyond LEED."

Living Buildings put in to bricks and mortar (or bio-based materials) the vision that two decades ago the likes of architect Bill McDonough and futurist David Orr spun from beautiful prose in to the first generation of green buildings. The vision was always to design buildings that act like a tree, that are abundant, producing more than taking. How will the Bullitt Center, which embodies those ideals, shift the paradigm in how we build?

"I think would be great if we were the greenest building in the world—for a week," Rogers told the Building with Nature Symposium which is introducing new ideas about building for the future in to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History's rebuilding process. "What we learned can be replicated, but you need to look at local conditions to fit with your climate and culture."

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Museum hears inspired ideas from its architect at Building with nature symposium

Green City Blue Lake - Thu, 10/18/2012 - 13:10

"We want a building that itself embodies how we can live in the future, in a highly sustainable way," Cleveland Museum of Natural History Director Evalyn Gates explained to 450 attendees the purpose of the museum's Building with Nature symposium, a free and open to the public event at the museum today. "Our experience with the SmartHome showed us that we want a (new) building that cost less to operate and maintain and will inspire all of us about how we live on this planet."

To inspire the museum to reach for the stars, Dr. Gates, an astrophysicist, and GreenCityBlueLake Institute Director David Beach assembled a high wattage panel—from the designer of literally the world's greenest building to the country's foremost experts on energy who figured out how to green the renovation of the Empire State Building. These are big thinkers but also the 'do-ers' -- practitioners who have faced skepticism and long odds and in the end broke new ground for all of us. That list started with Curtis Fentress whose firm is the architect of record for the Museum's proposed redevelopment and addition.

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Case Western Reserve University Joins Gig.U

Bytes From Lev - Wed, 07/27/2011 - 09:37
Why is Case Western Reserve University supporting Gig.U? Universities have a critical role to play in the R&D efforts of... lsg8
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