Any Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaners in Cleveland?

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Wed, 05/14/2008 - 22:42.

Hopefully after this week I will be able to put my sweaters and other wool clothes away until next fall. I have a large pile of items ready to go to the dry cleaner but I know the perchloroethelene most dry cleaners use is bad for the environment and bad for my family. What are the alternatives? I have already reduced the number of dry clean only garments in my wardrobe, but many vintage items require dry cleaning.

Is using Dryel or Dry Cleaner's Secret in my dryer any better? If anyone is looking to open a business in Cleveland I think we really need an organic dry cleaner. I found several online in other cities, Relaxx Valet in San Diego and Los Angeles, Oxxo Care Cleaners.

Sanborn Maps

Please click on this map to see it better--Cleveland, Ohio; 1896 vol. 4; STREETS: Archwood Ave. [1-19]; Chestnutdale; Dover Ave. [2-14]; Forestdale [1-24]; Mapledale [1-46]; Pearl [1699-1711]; Pearl [1713-1832]; Riverside [1-30]; Willowdale [1-24]; SPECIALS: Claus A. Furniture Factory; Congreg. Church Archwood Ave.; Forest City Nursery; Lutheran Church Willowdale St.; Sheer G. D. Novelty Works; Wilhelmy M. A. Nursery

**If the maps are not loading--I will archive the jpgs under My Neighborhood.

Sanborn Historic Maps are large scale street plans produced by the Sanborn Fire Insurance company from 1867 to 1970. These maps are heavily used in both public and academic libraries by a wide range of researchers including local historians to locate and identify buildings and neighborhoods, urban historians to study the growth of towns and cities, and environmentalists concerned about impact of new developments.

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Records: 40,035
Online Images/Media: 40,033

The maps are not loading but

The maps are not loading but I would like to see this. Any photos of the buildings?

Map access

I am going to save all the jpgs and then load them, if time permits:

Alternately, I think you can click on the above link--search on Forestdale.  It may prompt for authentication with your library card.

My GREEN valley

  Can you see that Brooklyn Centre was built on a filled in valley?  Now look at this map:

Ward 15 Stupidity

  The councilman has been negotiating with a developer to destroy small historic buildings and build-out  a senior housing complex on Fern Court over this filled-in and buried "ravine."  

These ravines carrry so much water after storm events that at one time they were dammed to provide ice ponds for the residents of Brooklyn Village.  There are century old sewers under this neighborhood, but no one looks to the past to plan for their future, anymore.

Cleveland, Ohio; 1903 vol. 5; STREETS: Dennison Ave. [500-596]; Forestdale Ave. [107-198]; Grand Army Court; Lyle Court [2-20]; Pearl [1788-1898]; Willowdale [2-38]; SPECIALS: Krochle Building; Lutheran Church Willowdale Street; Sheer G. Novelty Iron-works; Star Baking Co.

(So Norm, we are not so far removed from the STAR!)

Sorry Evelyn

  I posted my rants meaning to follow-up on the green valley theme, but actually this does follow-up.  Dry Cleaners are never ever GREEN.  It's a chemical process that leaves a contaminated building and pollutes our waterways.  I will write more about dry cleaning later.  Just buy clothes that can be ironed.

What about this "Greencleaning"?b

There are businesses claiming to be cleanr cry cleaners - here is one... Earth Green Cleaning

The nearest "Eco-Friendly" dry cleaner listed at this site is in Pittsburgh... so perhaps we can take what must be dry cleaned on a road trip and see what's up at the Warhol while we wait... but is this really a greener solutoon?
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D.O. Summers

a local cleaner makes green claims--

What about CleanCare System?

Thanks for pointing this out - I've always had a good feeling about D.O. Summers... their location at Carnegie and Propspect, at E. 55th, is the only thing that makes that part of town seem alive and functional, and state of the art. So are their CleanCare technology and chemicals better for the environment?
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Here's WC Reed Field

  And here is the proposed location of the "new" construction--adding parking, roofs and run-off:

I agree that the best

I agree that the best solution is to have no dry clean only clothes. I am suspicious that many eco-friendly products are just jumping on the band wagon and making exaggerated claims of being safe, healthy or good for the environment. So maybe we don't need any green dry cleaners in Cleveland. I might feel better about using D. O. Summers though.

Eco-friendly dry cleaners

There is a dry cleaning process that doesn't involve perchloroethylene, it uses carbon dioxode instead. I know CO2 is not the favorite chemical of environmentalists, but it does not contaminate ground water and is a substance we are already used to dealing with.

Here is what I found by googling 'carbon dioxide dry cleaning':

This is a very short article about the alternative methods. 

This is a commercial site from what looks to be the supplier of the technology.


  We'll be needing this locally produced product soon in Brooklyn Centre.  Is that the plan?