Seeing our economy from 30,000 feet (or higher)

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sun, 01/15/2006 - 18:35.

Some interesting articles appeared this week on the consequences of globalization and the opportunities of innovation.

Max Baucus, an influential U.S. Senator was over in India telling his audiences that the outsourcing of white collar jobs is inevitable. Read more.

In Bristol, TN, the editors of the local paper advise their readers that fundamental shifts are underway. Bristol Compressor, the city's largest employer, announced layoffs of 290 workers last week. Read more. However, their solution -- recruit more companies -- misses the mark. The real challenge involves building an innovation economy that will enable fast growth companies to thrive.

A similar message appears from editorial writers in Lynchburg, VA. Read more. Here, the takeover of a local textile plant by a new owner in India triggered the comments. The editors focus their attention on facing the inevitable facts of life and looking for the opportunities in this dynamic, global economy.

Meanwhile, in India, an interesting commentary focuses on the opportunities from innovation. Read more.

And in China, the China Academy of Sciences announced that over the next five years, China will build a series of innovation bases in areas such as information technology, space science, advanced energy, nanotechnology, manufacturing and new materials, medicine, and agriculture. Read more.

Meanwhile, Ireland, a good model for Northeast Ohio to follow, is aggressively moving to increase ties between its companies and partners in China and India. Read more.

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